Monday, January 21, 2013

4 fictional apps every twenty-something needs

1. The Executive Decision Maker App. Feeling indecisive and slightly freaked out about what to do with your life? Whack your options in and let it make all those scary choices for you!

2. The Hide All Instagram Posts featuring nail art, ab-selfies, mirror-selfies, food porn, inspirational quotes, screen shots of the weather, aeroplane wings, sunsets et al app. This genius invention manages to filter out social media's biggest cliches.

3. The Witty Banter App. Lacking textspiration but wanna charm the pants off a potential suitor? For just 99 cents you'll make that chump pee their pants from excessive LOLing.

4. The Here's What You Should Cook For Dinner Tonight App. More often than not I CBF to look up healthy recipes and resort to the 'ol faithful meat and three veg. Enter aforementioned app, farewell bland town, hello delicious and nutritious meals! In fact, I'm sure this already exists I'm just too lazy to look it up, unless there's an app for researching apps?

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