Thursday, November 15, 2012

4 ways to deal with a gnarly hangover

1. Going for a dip in the deep blue is like an instant re-birth. Sea water has magical powers, I'm sure of it. You can kiss goodbye that pounding headache and say hello to a fresh new you. Also, salt water will drown out your eau de alcohol. Bonus.  

2. It seems bleeding obvious but let me vouch for the miracle of bacon and eggs, blue PowerAid and two Panadol. It's the breakfast of champions and the super powers of grease + energy drink + drugs will have you back to full health in no time.

3. I recently discovered when I'm wretchedly hungover watching the Animal Planet and listening to the soothing, docile voice of David Attenborough is just like meditating, without actually having to do it. There's something so zen about watching flamingos make whoppee while Old Mate Attenborough elegantly narrates the whole thing. PS. I wish he was my dad. 

4. Just put on exercise clothes and you'll seriously feel about 13.7% less hungover. A few Sundays back after a roaring rager, my McRoomie and I chucked on our work-out gear and went for a teeny tiny walk. As we gingerly shuffled along the footpath, I could feel the alcohol evaporate from my system. It's like an instant message is sent to your brain that you're in exercise clothes now and moving your body so seediness, get the fuck outta here!   

'Those wet pussy shots seemed like a splendid idea at the time.' 

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