Sunday, October 28, 2012

Retro babes

Oh hey there, Clint Eastwood. Look at you being all
smoking with your shirt off. 

Richard was, is and always will be a babe. But never
more so than riiiiight here.
Before the bunnies, Viagra and general creepiness old mate Heff became so well-known for, the Playboy mastermind was just a sprightly young whipper snapper writing his way to success. 
Russell Brand is that you? Oh hang on, it's Bob Geldof aka the lead singer of The Boomtown Rats, the dude that created Live Aid and adopted his estranged wife's love child she had with
Michael Hutchence. Aka a super-champ and pretty good to
look at, too.
Whoddathunk it but Mel Gibson was a bona-fide hawwwtie! Shame about the racial slurs, battle with the booze and his
consequent fall from grace.
There's a reason Rod Stewart has bedded squillions of women. He doesn't have conventional movie-star looks but the dude
has rock star charisma, and then some.

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