Monday, November 28, 2011

1,541,668 Views & Counting. It's Time You Watched This.

Yo J-Gill, listen up - Australia is ready for change. Love is love. Gender, sexual preference, religion, age, race; it's all irrelevant. Marriage is a basic human right that should be offered to everyoneYou can't ignore the facts - polls have shown that up to 68% of Australians think it’s time for marriage equality. 

Hopefully the backwards fuddy duddies pollies keep that in mind this Saturday at the ALP Conference, where they'll be casting their conscience vote on gay marriage. GetUp have done an amazing job creating this video. Watch. Cry. Share. It's so beautiful. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

This Made My Day. Watch It. Right Now.

I got sick of writing the same email over and over today saying 'you have to watch this.' So here it is on the blurg. Truly inspiring. Had me in tears. Happy tears. If like me, after watching the video you're all, WHERE CAN I SIGN UP?, you can find more info here.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Life Lesson #1054

Thanks Dad. Duly noted. 

On Dealing With Mondays #FirstWorldProblems

Oh Monday you dirty, dirty ho-bag. You're the nastiness day of the week. I know it's not your fault. I know you're the ugly step sister to those hot bitches Friday and Saturday. So I promise I'll be kind to you if you're kind to me, deal?

I swear it was the weekend like a minute ago. I was sitting in the sun, drinking cider with my peeps and laughing at that dude's terrible toupee, now here I am at my desk, reading emails, fixing the printer and looking all yellow in the artificial light. How did this happen again? Here are a few ways of making your Monday more bearable.

  • Indulge in a 20 minute power nap at the park: Listen up full-time workers, the best thing you can ever do is take a lunch break. Even if it's only short. Or as I like to call them, close-my-eyes-and-pretend-I'm-sun-baking-at-the-beach sessions. Guess what, the world won't end if you leave your desk. I promise. Get a picnic rug, get comfy, get some solid choones and get napping. You'll feel refreshed and calm. Don't be afraid, there's a whole community of Secret Lunch Time Nappers.
  • Have a post-nap fruppacino: One treat isn't going to kill you mmmk? In fact, the sugar hit will give you lots of energy and get you through the arvo. And while you're at it, chuck some cream on top and quit ya whingeing. Like it. Don't lump it.
Get it in ya.
  • Look at pictures of Miranda and Flynn, you won't be able to wipe the smile off your face: Umm, could he be any cuter? Please adopt me Kerrblooms! FYI MiMi and 'Lando, I was a nanny during uni so if you need a babysitter or anything, you can definitely trust me. My areas of expertise are ad-lib bed time stories, swing pushing, slippery dipping, crafternoons and I build a mean cubby house.

I want your entire outfit. Yes, Flynn I'm talking to you.
  • Hold the lift door open: The saying is true - good manners never go out of fashion and by golly, I love it when people hold the lift for me and will always return the favour. Besides, you never know who could be jumping in. A free, feel good act. Bonus points if you don't get your limbs chopped off by hungry lifts. 
  • Watch this: Thank you AJ for showing me this. Because of DJ Fuler, my life is exponentially better. WHO IST NAMING DADDY LONG LEGS, WHY IS IT THAT? Oh man, I could watch this dude on repeat all day long. So many funnies.
  • Listen to this: Sydney boy Oliver Tank gives James Blake a run for his money. The perfect, calming song for your Monday morning commute. Press play, deep breaths, now repeat after me - everything is going to be okkaaaaaay.
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