Saturday, October 8, 2011

Moola et Moi

There’ll be a day when I have my shit together. I’ll have a tiny apartment with a coffee table. And beautiful hard-back coffee table books. And maybe a coffee machine to boot. I’ll have bills to pay and a weekly budget to stick by. I could go all out and have a pretty spreadsheet with a cute colour scheme called 'Bella's Budget. Do this OR DIE!' THERE MAY EVEN BE PIE CHARTS AND GRAPHS! Fuck I love Excel!* I'll turn down nights out because I've just paid my rent and be all, 'I'd really love to but I just paid my rent. Yeah, whoo for real estate, etc'. Gosh, even typing that makes me feel 10% more grown up.

But until that day comes, I’m content most of my hard earned dosh is spent on 3am Happy Meals, cabs and cocktails. So what, my transaction records may look like this -

But we have the rest of our adult lives to worry about monies, mortgages and collecting colour swatches for the living room (QUICK! Someone get me the spew bucket). I say live in the sassy moment bebes, because when you're a little old lady / man you won't be remembering how much skrilla you had in your savings account at age 23. You'll be remembering all the ridiculous, outrageous, fabulous things you did with your squadron of superb chums. Oh and that delicious Happy Meal and oreo McFlurry you had in the Cross after you lost your handbag but did a little jig and managed to get it for free. Whatevs, today I'm poor but happy. Really'appy.

* Not really, not one iota.

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