Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Treat For Your Ears: Cheap Tuesday Goodness

Inga, Ju Ju and I share quite similar taste in music and there's nothing we love more than a good ol' fashioned swapsies. Justin was into Washed Out yonkas ago*. He told us to listen to their Life of Leisure EP and we obeyed. I fell hard for Ernest Greene's romantic, blissed out electronica and now I am totally gagging for his first album, Within and Without. You can listen to it FOR FREEZIES right hurrrre (don't worry, there's no Nelly cameos). 

*Please note; nothing irritates me more than people who are all, 'oh yeah, I heard of [insert trendy band] aaaaages ago therefore I beat you at life'. My point is, and Inga and I have discussed this before, we reckon Justin would make an awesome A&R dude. He's humble in his music knowledge and by no means a show off but is always a step ahead of the zeitgeist. He has a great ability of knowing who will be the next It band, before they even are. Now if that's not a bona fide hipster, I don't know what is. 

Who knew someone called Ernest could be so dishy? I thought most men by that name would be lawn bowl enthusiasts with a penchant for bingo. Look at those puppy dog eyes... Be still my beating heart. Within and Without - out July 12th.

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