Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Sprightly Elf

I've been called many things in my life. Smella, rat girl, AB, short chick etc. But no nickname has made me chuckle as much as the one Chinny coined this arvo. 

I sent through an article for her to read about lunch time speed shopping. It's my hot tips on how to make the most of your precious 60 minutes. I mention fuelling up before you leave (a Happy Meal is preferable) and also jorking (jog / walking) from store to store to maximise time. Here is the email banter that ensued...

CHINNY: You do spend a lot of time jorking. I’ve noticed this about you and have never been able to place my finger on it until now haha. You are a sprightly elf. P.s is this article really about speed shopping or is it just a cleverly disguised McDonald’s ad? I AM ON A THREE MONTH BAN! DO NOT MAKE ME BREAK IT ONE WEEK IN!
ME: SPRIGHTLY ELF. OMG. THAT IS AMAZING. PLEASE ONLY EVER REFER TO ME AS A SPRIGHTLY ELF FROM NOW ON!!!!!! You’ve hit the nail on the head Chin. And yeah, ya got me, it’s totes a Maccas' advertorial. *Blushes while stuffing cheeseburger in mouth*.
CHINNY: Hahahaha Elf if my fave Christmas movie ever. Giselle and I watch it every year but we’re not allowed to watch it if it’s not Christmas time.
ME: Meybes that’s why I came into your life? To fill the elf void til December?
CHINNY: Probs the only reason… Haha but you are not just ANY elf, you're a sprightly one!!!

Sprightly elf. That's me!

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