Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Snooki Effect

So I bought this ahhh-mazing faux fur leopard print jacket. It's fluffy and snuggly and so boss. I don't even use the term 'boss' but it's the only way to describe it.  

I style stalked my fashion-forward buddy Lohie, who also owns one and have been looking forward to whipping it out. If it looks fab on her, it should look fab on me, right? WRONG. 

For some reason, every time I put on said jacket, I freak out and hang it straight back in my wardrobe because I think it makes me look like Snooki. I'm sure I'll conquer my fear eventually but if our paths happen to cross while I'm wearing it, please don't mention the S word. 


  1. I did the same thing, I bought a really nice faux fur jacket but everytime i put it on it makes me look lie a rotund prostitute. still in cupboard.

  2. HA! Must be hereditary...

    Wear yours for Gatsby party, would be suitably apt.


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