Saturday, June 11, 2011

Rad or Ridic?

Confession - I sleep on the train during my morning commute to work. Please don't look at me like that... 

Sleep is a precious commodity and I'll take it where ever I can get it. Think of it this way - if I snooze for a sneaky half an hour every morning, that equates to an extra two and a half hours of sleep a week!

The key to a good train nap is getting the corner seat so you can rest your head against the window. I use my jumper or scarf as a pillow but it just doesn't cut the mustard. I am seriously contemplating investing in a neck pillow to maximise the comfort of my CityRail kips. I've seen countless other commuters implementing this genius idea. 

So would you judge me if you saw me catching some zeds with this little guy? You totally would, wouldn't you. 

1 comment:

  1. It could be a clever plan. If I saw anyone in it I would be loathe to sit next to the - no description can I find (possibly not a fellow traveller in the real sense). Go for it and you will find a totally empty seat next you and then you could stretch out your legs and throw a doona on, preferably with same motife as Princess Panda.


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