Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hairy Issues

Apparently, high buns are offensive. I know this because the other weekend mine was attacked. Yep, it was poked and prodded as the dude laughed, ‘what’s with the bun?’

Well errr, sorry mate, but if we’re playing this game, what’s with the pink Polo shirt? Are you off to the year nine dance?

Bickering aside, I have to completely disagree with Mr Bun-o-phobe. BUNS ROCK MY WORLD, OK? I’ve professed my love for the high bun before but after last week’s vicious assault on my beloved hair style I am flying my bun flag with pride once more!

It saves me 95% of the week. As much as I’d love glossy, shiny, straight hair everyday, the whole process takes far too long. I’d rather be spending that precious time with my couch. 

And I’ve just discovered a brand new trick. My hair is ridiculously thin. Like, cotton wool thin. So how do you fake fuller locks and umph? Ya tease that mo fo’ing cotton wool and voila, you have a thick, voluminous black-tie bun!

So laugh all you want Polo Boy, but you wouldn’t know an awesome hair style if it punched you in the face.


Step 1, tease the shit out of your pony.   

Step 2, fashion hair into a bun with bobby pins. The messier the better. Messy is the new black. Or something like that.

Step 3, stay strong. I promise it will look fab but best apply extra hair spray just in case haters feel like getting all up in your grill. 

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