Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dear Couples Who Speak in Baby Voices...

Dear couples who speak in baby voices, BRB GTG spew. Ok, sorry about that, I’m back now.

I’m happy you guys are happy, I really am. It’s not easy finding The One. Actually, retract that. It’s not easy finding someone, anyone, who will put up with you talking like a child. In fact, I’d say it’s a miracle! 

A small favour to ask, do you think you could perhaps save your high-pitched kiddy drivel for the confines of your own home? I don’t think I can handle being ill every time I hear you refer to one another in cutesy animal nicknames.

Kind regards, Annabelle Rose Brennan

Baby voices - so NOT hot right now! 


  1. Uggghhhhhh just had a little vom in my mouth! 100% agree.

  2. So if we talk in Japanese accents instead is it OK?


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