Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Welcome to my new post - CAN HAS? It must be said in a Lolcat voice. The title is inspired by Chinny and Nathan's brain wave last Friday night. They genuinely were considering getting this phrase tattooed on their person, before we got distracted by our next big venture - the 2011 Splendour in the Grass Diorama-Rama-Off. More on that soon. 

CAN HAS? is the lazy woman's blurg post for when I'm tired and have more important things to do than write. Like, watch the first ep of new season Kardashians, for example. It's pretty simple really, what I am lusting after at the moment. Super original I know but whatevs, think of it as a digital way to share our fashion fantasies. 

I saw these babies in the window of American Apparel last night. Daaaaayyyyum! They're jizz-in-my pants good! 

I know they're a tad ridic. Ok, they're plenty ridic but as a post-deadline treat I am walking up to Oxford St tomorrow and buying them and there's nothing you can do about it. 

They're punctuation tights after all (for reals, that's their name). Hopefully by wearing them, it will inspire people to use it!

Can has punctuation tights? Hmmm, mebes can has grammar tights instead.
Drooolz! Luff, luff, luff!

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