Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Precursor of Things to Come

Tonight was 'fend for yourself' night at our place. Papa Bear had re-heats while I implemented my killer culinary skills.

Father: Peanut butter and honey toast, hey? Isn't that what beavers eat?

Me: Not sure, but I suddenly remembered this recipe and thought I better get some practice making my own dinner!

And before you even ask, yes, in my world putting different spreads together counts as a recipe. Tomorrow dad leaves for his first ever, much deserved Euro holiday. And no, I have no clue how I'll survive on two weeks of beaver toast, baked beans and Mi Goreng but I think it's about time I bloody well learnt.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Treat For Your Ears: Cheap Tuesday Goodness

Inga, Ju Ju and I share quite similar taste in music and there's nothing we love more than a good ol' fashioned swapsies. Justin was into Washed Out yonkas ago*. He told us to listen to their Life of Leisure EP and we obeyed. I fell hard for Ernest Greene's romantic, blissed out electronica and now I am totally gagging for his first album, Within and Without. You can listen to it FOR FREEZIES right hurrrre (don't worry, there's no Nelly cameos). 

*Please note; nothing irritates me more than people who are all, 'oh yeah, I heard of [insert trendy band] aaaaages ago therefore I beat you at life'. My point is, and Inga and I have discussed this before, we reckon Justin would make an awesome A&R dude. He's humble in his music knowledge and by no means a show off but is always a step ahead of the zeitgeist. He has a great ability of knowing who will be the next It band, before they even are. Now if that's not a bona fide hipster, I don't know what is. 

Who knew someone called Ernest could be so dishy? I thought most men by that name would be lawn bowl enthusiasts with a penchant for bingo. Look at those puppy dog eyes... Be still my beating heart. Within and Without - out July 12th.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Treat For Your Ears

If I could have sex with this song, I would. It's THAT good. Mr Little Jeans' (aka Norway's Monica Birkenes) take on Arcade Fires' epic song, The Suburbs. Floaty, distorted, beautiful. I'm so in love. 

A Sprightly Elf

I've been called many things in my life. Smella, rat girl, AB, short chick etc. But no nickname has made me chuckle as much as the one Chinny coined this arvo. 

I sent through an article for her to read about lunch time speed shopping. It's my hot tips on how to make the most of your precious 60 minutes. I mention fuelling up before you leave (a Happy Meal is preferable) and also jorking (jog / walking) from store to store to maximise time. Here is the email banter that ensued...

CHINNY: You do spend a lot of time jorking. I’ve noticed this about you and have never been able to place my finger on it until now haha. You are a sprightly elf. P.s is this article really about speed shopping or is it just a cleverly disguised McDonald’s ad? I AM ON A THREE MONTH BAN! DO NOT MAKE ME BREAK IT ONE WEEK IN!
ME: SPRIGHTLY ELF. OMG. THAT IS AMAZING. PLEASE ONLY EVER REFER TO ME AS A SPRIGHTLY ELF FROM NOW ON!!!!!! You’ve hit the nail on the head Chin. And yeah, ya got me, it’s totes a Maccas' advertorial. *Blushes while stuffing cheeseburger in mouth*.
CHINNY: Hahahaha Elf if my fave Christmas movie ever. Giselle and I watch it every year but we’re not allowed to watch it if it’s not Christmas time.
ME: Meybes that’s why I came into your life? To fill the elf void til December?
CHINNY: Probs the only reason… Haha but you are not just ANY elf, you're a sprightly one!!!

Sprightly elf. That's me!

Nerd Alert

These actual words came out of my mouth today - 'the highlight of my week is thinking of my Friday night outfit. I love going home on Thursday and styling up different options.'

As Ace Ventura would say, laaaaahoooo-saaaaa-herrrr. Oh and for those playing along at home, tomorrow's ensemble will most likely involve these bad boys, my new camel booties and a freaking awesome LBD from Attik

If I was a tlogger, you'd insert outfit self take with awkward lean and turned in pigeon toes riiiiiight [here].

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Welcome to my new post - CAN HAS? It must be said in a Lolcat voice. The title is inspired by Chinny and Nathan's brain wave last Friday night. They genuinely were considering getting this phrase tattooed on their person, before we got distracted by our next big venture - the 2011 Splendour in the Grass Diorama-Rama-Off. More on that soon. 

CAN HAS? is the lazy woman's blurg post for when I'm tired and have more important things to do than write. Like, watch the first ep of new season Kardashians, for example. It's pretty simple really, what I am lusting after at the moment. Super original I know but whatevs, think of it as a digital way to share our fashion fantasies. 

I saw these babies in the window of American Apparel last night. Daaaaayyyyum! They're jizz-in-my pants good! 

I know they're a tad ridic. Ok, they're plenty ridic but as a post-deadline treat I am walking up to Oxford St tomorrow and buying them and there's nothing you can do about it. 

They're punctuation tights after all (for reals, that's their name). Hopefully by wearing them, it will inspire people to use it!

Can has punctuation tights? Hmmm, mebes can has grammar tights instead.
Drooolz! Luff, luff, luff!

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Rang is the new blonde. Ya huh, you heard me. Thanks to celebs like Blake and Scar Jo, average peeps like you and I are running to the hair dresser demanding fiery locks. 

It's no secret I'm pro rang. It all began with my obsession with Aerial the Little Mermaid and my crush on Wheeler from Captain Planet. Oh my Lord, can you imagine if they procreated how hot their babies would look? 

All you natural red heads will be having the last laugh as us common folk spend a small fortune crossing to the ginger side.  

Hairists 0, rangas 1. 

Dear people who put fancy middle names on their Facebook...

Dear people who put fancy middle names on their Facebook display name, to quote the legendary Shania Twain, that don't impress'a me much! Nah, uh, uh! 

I'm not sure what you're hoping to achieve? James Alexander Rupert Snodgrass The Third doesn't really scream gangster. Pretentious prince, yes, but if it's street cred you're after may I suggest checking yourself in to dope* places instead? Also it's not very user friendly trying to tag you in photos with all those characters! 

If you insist on keeping this up, please at least make it believable. Whacking an exotic name in between two bland ones just doesn't ring true. Amy Anastasia Smith I'm looking at you. 

Yours sincerely, Annabelle Rose Brennan**.

* Yes, I am white. So, so white. 

** It's ok to sign off letters with your middle name. I believe this is the sole purpose of why they were created. 
Now chums, let's put this all behind us and listen to some rad Shania! Ps. Twain Dog - so ahead of the times rocking head to toe leopard print! 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pleat Me Up, Buttercup!

Leather? Yes please! Pleats? Mmm now ya talking. Reminiscent of a kinky netball skirt? You bet cha! Introducing my latest love, Mr Pleaty Boy. Perfect for the clubs, or the courts. Whatever tickles your fancy.

A minxy update on last winter's leather skirt. Now where did I put my Goal Attack bib? 

Alice in The Eve, Roman Pleat Skirt. Click here to make him yours. 

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Because You're Never Too Old To Date

I received this gorgeous text message from Chinny this afternoon, it read - "Omg just saw the cutest thing. I'm at the hairdresser and this little old lady came in to get a blow dry and she was like... 'Someone is coming over tonight so we'll see how things go' :) haha she is adorable. Old people date!" 

The Snooki Effect

So I bought this ahhh-mazing faux fur leopard print jacket. It's fluffy and snuggly and so boss. I don't even use the term 'boss' but it's the only way to describe it.  

I style stalked my fashion-forward buddy Lohie, who also owns one and have been looking forward to whipping it out. If it looks fab on her, it should look fab on me, right? WRONG. 

For some reason, every time I put on said jacket, I freak out and hang it straight back in my wardrobe because I think it makes me look like Snooki. I'm sure I'll conquer my fear eventually but if our paths happen to cross while I'm wearing it, please don't mention the S word. 

Rad or Ridic?

Confession - I sleep on the train during my morning commute to work. Please don't look at me like that... 

Sleep is a precious commodity and I'll take it where ever I can get it. Think of it this way - if I snooze for a sneaky half an hour every morning, that equates to an extra two and a half hours of sleep a week!

The key to a good train nap is getting the corner seat so you can rest your head against the window. I use my jumper or scarf as a pillow but it just doesn't cut the mustard. I am seriously contemplating investing in a neck pillow to maximise the comfort of my CityRail kips. I've seen countless other commuters implementing this genius idea. 

So would you judge me if you saw me catching some zeds with this little guy? You totally would, wouldn't you. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cult Following

Here's a lovely treat for your ears this Cheap Tuesday, FREE MUSICS! Click here to stream Cults' self titled debut album before its official release, this Friday. Thanks Pedestrian TV, don't mind if I do! 

From music blog wonder kids to signing with a major label, this boyfriend / girlfriend duo are going to be the It band of 2011. Oh my Lord, their music makes me happy! 

Dear Couples Who Speak in Baby Voices...

Dear couples who speak in baby voices, BRB GTG spew. Ok, sorry about that, I’m back now.

I’m happy you guys are happy, I really am. It’s not easy finding The One. Actually, retract that. It’s not easy finding someone, anyone, who will put up with you talking like a child. In fact, I’d say it’s a miracle! 

A small favour to ask, do you think you could perhaps save your high-pitched kiddy drivel for the confines of your own home? I don’t think I can handle being ill every time I hear you refer to one another in cutesy animal nicknames.

Kind regards, Annabelle Rose Brennan

Baby voices - so NOT hot right now! 

Monday, June 6, 2011

The Art of Sales

Thanks to an un-named shop for not having mirrors in their bloody change rooms, I had to walk out to the communal mirror and brave the delusional sales assistant telling me the dress looked great*, when it most definitely didn't. Sorry lady, I know what suits me and this frock was doing me no favours. 

Cue the awkward conversation and subtle battle you have to fight with pushy retail babes who are probably working on commission and thus lie through their teeth for the all important sale. 

Shop assistant (who may or may not have been visually impaired): Do you love it? It looks sooo great on you!

Me: Ummm not really. It shows off my back fat pretty well.

Shop assistant: What if you wore different undies underneath it?

Me: Different undies aren’t going to get rid of my back fat.

*Unless her idea of great is back cleavage. 

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hairy Issues

Apparently, high buns are offensive. I know this because the other weekend mine was attacked. Yep, it was poked and prodded as the dude laughed, ‘what’s with the bun?’

Well errr, sorry mate, but if we’re playing this game, what’s with the pink Polo shirt? Are you off to the year nine dance?

Bickering aside, I have to completely disagree with Mr Bun-o-phobe. BUNS ROCK MY WORLD, OK? I’ve professed my love for the high bun before but after last week’s vicious assault on my beloved hair style I am flying my bun flag with pride once more!

It saves me 95% of the week. As much as I’d love glossy, shiny, straight hair everyday, the whole process takes far too long. I’d rather be spending that precious time with my couch. 

And I’ve just discovered a brand new trick. My hair is ridiculously thin. Like, cotton wool thin. So how do you fake fuller locks and umph? Ya tease that mo fo’ing cotton wool and voila, you have a thick, voluminous black-tie bun!

So laugh all you want Polo Boy, but you wouldn’t know an awesome hair style if it punched you in the face.


Step 1, tease the shit out of your pony.   

Step 2, fashion hair into a bun with bobby pins. The messier the better. Messy is the new black. Or something like that.

Step 3, stay strong. I promise it will look fab but best apply extra hair spray just in case haters feel like getting all up in your grill. 

The Awkward Moment When...

You realise the phrase 'the awkward moment when...' is just as annoying as 'jealous much?', 'just saying' and listening to people talk about their iPhone apps. 

Friday, June 3, 2011

Damn You, Lover

Why oh why must pretty things cost so much? Do not, I repeat, do not, spend lunch beaks in shops you cannot afford. It's a retail tease and you will walk away broken hearted. 

This Lover coat and I would make the perfect couple, only problem is, he's seven hundred dollars. What a travesty. It's cruel to keep us apart just because of our socioeconomic differences. 

I'm going to have to apply the same nifty trick I use to get over boys. A bit of reverse psychology....

Every time I think of Mr Coat, I'm going to pretend he looks like this* -

Umm, knitted onesie anyone? What the frock? How can such a hideous creation be from the same Lover collection?

* I don't picture boys in knitted onesies, although now you mention it, that's a good idea. I usually just picture them doing un-sexy things. The details of which are not suitable for this blog but my friends will know exactly what I'm referring to.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Nail Files (LOLZ, GET IT... GET IT YOU GUYS???)

Hokai, I'm guilty as charged. It's a selfie, BUT it's only of my nails and it's just to show you I've jumped on the bandwagon and have undergone a dual-coloured mani and I'm loving it sick! And yes, that is a Will and Kate tea cup, whatcha gonna do about it? I definitely recommend you get your dual on too! It's the lazy woman's accessorising! 
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