Thursday, May 26, 2011

Venting My Home Brand Spleen

Ugh. Do people actually WRITE blogs anymore? Or have they just become outlets for self-loving? Sometimes I scroll through fashion blogs and want to stab something. Or someone. Preferably those tosser bloggers that fill their pages with shameless photos of themselves wearing their ‘on trend’ outfits, with their SLR cameras dangling from their necks. I don’t really care what shade of M.A.C lipstick* you’re wearing or what designer credits that piece of cloth you call a top. Nor do I give a shit about what product is 'tousled' through your 'locks', or what vintage market you got that canvas bag from.

Also dear Tloggers (tosser bloggers), the skinny arm pose is EXHAUSTING. Can you at least be creative, a la the Man Repeller, and take the piss a little? Because I hate to break it to ya sweetheart, YOU’RE NOT ALEXA CHUNG.

It’s the bastardisation of fashion. Jo(anna) Blo is suddenly an expert and a model and needs to publish her every outfit. No reader wants to come away from a blog feeling stabby. But I do. All the time.

Thank God for blogs that actually have their shit together. Enter Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open. The mastermind remains anonymous but whoever she is, I have the biggest crush on her. She writes like a dream and her witty, honest and hilarious observations strike a cord with the twenty-something Gen Y’ers. This post in particular is gold, a must read for anyone who has started at the bottom of the media food chain.

The blogosphere is a messy place. It's like an open house party, any dick head can rock up and vandalise the walls. But it's great when you find those diamonds in the rough.

* Side note vent: The shades of beauty products never cease to amaze. Touch, Tanarama and Brilliant Bordeaux are apparently colours? Honestly, who comes up with this shit? I'm not making this up! Behold the visual evidence below!

Vent complete. Sorry, I hope we can still be friends? This is ranty mcgee, signing off.

Love her! The Man Repeller in full force. She writes, 'yeah, so, this is a new installment called Things that Accentuate the Vagina.' Fashion blogging is best served with a generous side of humour. Image courtesy of the Man Repeller blog.

Touch? Really? This word is a freaking VERB not an ADJECTIVE people!
Tanarama sounds more like a disease from excessive fake tanning than a lippie.

The last time I checked, Bordeaux was a port city on the Garonne River in southwest France, not a colour? I have no doubt the place is brilliant, though.


  1. Could not agree more! Personal style blogs are just modern day Dorian Gray, pieces of self indulgent crapness. Unless you're Anna Dello Rosso I don't care about your Ksubi/vintage Chanel from my Grandmother/General Pants/Find from the Glebe markets outfit mash up...

  2. Hear hear anon!

    And another side note vent to add: regurgitating fashion spreads / editorial shoots / high end advertisements does not a good blogger make! I call these breed of bloggers Ploggers (picture bloggers) Get some original material please!

  3. Except that I am actually Alexa Chung (and also a lolcat).


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