Thursday, May 5, 2011

Seven Signs You're Growing Up

  • You walk out of General Pants because the music is too loud.
  • You genuinely look forward to the weekend, so you can spend most of it doing nothing on the couch.
  • You don't par take in mid-week activities, unless extreme circumstances warrant it, i.e. a friend's birthday or a super amazing event. Please note, the above rule is not because I'm a party pooper, I just can't function at work if I've been up past my bed time.
  • You're little brother keeps you up to speed with pop culture. Apparently, liking Yeezy and Weezy is totally cool and kids today sign off with 'ILY'. Translation, I love you.
  • You use the phrase 'kids today', see above.
  • When the DJ plays Ja Rule and Ashanti as a retro song, you're the only who knows all the words.
  • You get excited when you make it home in time for ABC news.

But never fear! I'm half nanna, half twenty-something woman! Saturday nights are when I act my age. I still despise gardening, interiors and would rather poke forks in my eyes than attempt to cook. I always wonder if there's an age where it will click over and suddenly I'll get excited about azaleas and colour swatches? Do people magically wake up and crave the urge to go to IKEA? I really hope not? Because being into all these borza activities have always been my signifiers for being a 'proper' grown up and I'm not there yet! Phew.

Do you possess any nanna / grandpa like qualities or have moments when you realise you're growing up? In memory of the young whipper snapper I used to be and all those Knox Dances and Lavender Bays we went to, here's a little song I was OBSESSED with and yep, I still know all the words!


  1. you check out available seats on the train and make an instant judgment as who will be the quietest less irritating person to travel with. I never go near a bunch of school girls on an excursion -so over all that giggling.


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