Sunday, May 1, 2011


For weeks, I've been searching for the perfect pair of beetroot coloured jeans. Tee Loh has been my ever helpful accomplice. Trawling online, she found these gems - 

Wham bam thank you mam Tiff! Add to cart. When telling my fam at the dinner table I'd finally found The Ones, my little brother was puzzled. 'How the hell can you get so excited over jeans?' He asked. Tsk tsk! Youth today, so quick to scoff! 'It's just like getting your hands on the latest edition of Call of Duty* James, derr.' Then he got it. 

Granted, the jeans are actually called Jetts Cranberry but whatevs, I'm doing the healthy thing and getting my daily intake of fruit, albeit, fruit on my legs. If you'd like to kick start your fashion diet with some cranberry loving, get your fix here

* For those not versed in gaming lingo, Call of Duty is a bang bang, shoot 'em up type video game.  

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