Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bye Bye Sunday Night Blues

I know it's the cardinal blog sin to just post funny YouTube videos, but to hell with it. These are gold and need to be shared. And what better way to combat the Sunday night blues than with some mindless lolcanos. 

Waffles, Julian Smith: Oh Julian Smith, where oh where have you been all my life? On the weekend, the family gathers round the campfire YouTubes and young JB shows us his latest and greatest finds. It beats the shit out of Dancing with the Stars. 

Fancy, Drake: Ahh bad grammar never fails to entrain. Once again, another JB special. We were signing this all weekend. HAIR DONE, NAILS DONE, EVERYTHING DID, OH YOU FANCY HUH?

Mashed Taters: It may horrify you to know I've never watched Lord of the Rings... Until last night, when it was two against one and Edwina's tele-wish came true. It actually wasn't that bad. Who can refuse Bloom and Wood in cloaks. So many cloaks! And I quite enjoyed our running commentary i.e., who would you rather be killed by? Gollum, Spiegel or the walking tree dudes? I fell asleep around midnight and didn't make it to the end, but no matter because this video pretty much sums up the best bits. 

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