Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Treat for your Ears: Mid-Week Mixtape

Yo kidlettes, happy hump day! In fact, to get all correctomon on ya'll arses, hump day is pretty much donezo! I should be saying happy-almost-weekend-time! 

To help you through that last little bit of the week, here are some sweet beats. Picked fresh from the organic Aussie garden of toooones. That's right, without even realising the songs I'm crushing this week are 100% home grown. Past Aussie Treats for your Ears can be found here

  • The Land of the Bloody Unknown, The Middle East: Hoorah! The Middle East are back. I fell in love with their EP in 2009 and their debut album, I Want That You Are Always Happy, is released this Friday the 8th of April. I can't wait. The Brag describes the name of their record as a 'grammatical nightmare,' but I think it's quite endearing. Crappy syntax aside, they make magical music. 
  • Have Fun, The Bleeding Knees Club: Why can't my life be like their video clip? Oh well, I might not be as cool as them but I know how to have fun. Kudos to my friend Ju Ju for introducing me to this faboosh Gold Coast duo. Wig out more of their stuff here
  • City Dreams, Antonio Paul: Dear Triple J Unearthed, thanks for bringing lovely songs into my life I may otherwise have missed. City Dreams in particular makes me want to get my Elanie Bennis on. Check out the band's Unearthed profile here
The Bleeding Knees Club

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