Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Royal Wrap Up

Decked out in my best Royal watching PJs I snuggled up on the couch with my Mumma, our Labrador, pizza and a glass of wine. Here are my highlights. 

1. I got teary the second I saw Wills and Hazza in their military uniforms. Totally pathetic but they are SO gorgeous. Loved that Harry had a look over his shoulder when Kate arrived but Will held strong and didn't. 

2. Pippa Middleton stole the show. Wowsers! What an absolute BABE! Or as the Brits would say, she's well fit. I saw one funny Facebook status that said 'who else is now googling Pippa Middleton?'

3. I secretly wished Camilla Parker Moles would trip over. Boooo hiss... Hate her. 

4. THAT dress. Love she didn't have an OTT look at me number. It was timeless, elegant and understated. She was a dream in McQueen. 

5. The adorable 'frowning flower girl' was hilarious and has already become an Internet phenomenon.  

6. The frock watching! From Her Majesty the Queen in that repulsive lemon yellow, the fugly sisters in their circus gear, to Julia Gillard and Posh and Becks. It was a fashion field day!  

7. The 2 second peck on the balcony. Who else was a bit disappointed? I want a proper pash! Some tongue! A warm embrace at least! So G-rated but I suppose they had to be.  

8. The surprise drive by in the vintage Aston Martin with the number plates JU5T WED! A refreshing 'normal person' tradition! With tacky balloons and all! 

9. The post wedding telly. I am in TV heaven today! The Bio channel has gone full throttle Royal. I've just watched Charles and Di's wedding and now onto Charles and Diana: The First Decade. 

10. Hearing Kate Middleton didn’t throw her bouquet, but will instead lay it on Princess Diana’s grave. How beautiful is that?

What were your memorable moments?

1 comment:

  1. when wills turned to kate at the alter and said you look beautiful- a melting moment, also the hymn Jerusalem always makes me weep and sing at same time.


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