Friday, April 22, 2011

Radness in the Making

Excerpt from an email chain:

Bella: Wanna start a fab website together kids?
Chinny: Sure. I will do the foodz/lolcatz section :D
Shan: Yes, I will do the celeb baby section or fashion. K. Thanks. Bye.
Bella: Cool, I shot gun being the relationship columnist.
FishyI will be the beauty editor of said website of awesomeness. Love.
Chinny: Ok this website is going to be the best. Ever
Bella: Now we need to think of a name that will appeal to the masses…
Shan: Shannania?
Lohie: Has celeb trash and fash been taken? If not, I bags.
Chinny: I think this will work out perfectly. Disgustingly perfectly.
Bella: Amazing. Look at us bouncing off each other already!
Fishy: That’s because we are all totes amazeballs coordinators! We could even call the site totes amaze.

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