Saturday, April 9, 2011

Not Such a Rad Ad

This ad just came on the E! channel and it makes me want to spew in my mouth a little. Oh Kim K, we know you're a product endorsement whore bag and we get that's your job being a reality TV star and all but can't you at least flog some decent brands? Also, can you not hog the spotlight so much? Poor Khloe gets shunned in this ad. Surprise, surprise!  

Here I am, sitting in my pyjamas on a lazy Saturday arvo (don't judge, you know you're jealous). I've just finished my bacon and eggs and then BAM! I'm accosted with Kim K and Khloe in their bikinis. Asking me if I feel sexy? Do I have the body I've always dreamed of? Err no, not really. Not unless you count trackies and a baggy jumper as hot. Oh wait! What about mis-matching socks? Does that count as sexy? Do I have a dream bod? See above, re bacon and eggs. 

But never fear! I have the power to reinvent myself! To create the body I deserve! Yippie! The key to my dreams is apparently replacing food with liquid! Thanks Quick Trim. 

Kim then asks how hot can I be? Well Kimmy-K, I think eating FOOD and ACTUAL MEALS is much sexier than liquid. Wouldn't ya say?

If 'living the dream' is substituting food for liquids, I'll pass.
Does eating FOOD count as hot?

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