Sunday, April 17, 2011

I Told You Kids Don't Wear Clothes Anymore!

Photographic evidence following on from last week's story, that people don't wear clothes anymore. This dude was spotted last night at Dr Pongs, cutting shapes sans pants. If you know him, please tell him to invest in a belt and nicer undies. 

And before you say I'm a bitch for taking a photo, this guy was prancing around for ages in his Bonds tighties like he was the shit. He was asking for it. 


  1. Bella I think you should probably be a little less ready to judge from a distance. The person in that photo is a social worker in kings cross. Last year he was stabbed by a junkie with a needle whilst working. Subsequently, he developed an aggressive cerebral infection that could not be treated in time. He is now clinically retarded and yet still manages to continue to help others on a daily basis despite his handicap. During this night at Dr Pongs, he was celebrating 1 year since being dismissed from hospital with a clean bill of health. Incidentally, his friends all take turns to do his shopping to help out, so you will have to excuse his Bonds tighties, we sometimes don't get the time off from caring for him to go shopping for vintage underpant bargains in Surry Hills fleamarkets so that he can feel better about how others perceive how cool he is. I'm sorry you felt that his elation was cause for a scathing blog post, but maybe you should save your snideness for the flannel clad 'ironic' lumberjack art dropouts that inhabit places like that, and worry less about a hard working invalid with a munted brain, trying to put one good night into a life full of sorrows. Sincerely, OPP

  2. jeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  3. Thanks OPP, but like all good journalists I’ve checked my facts and know your rant is a load of BS.

    That’s a very elaborate way to try and make me feel like a dickhead. But props on your creative writing skills. A junkie stabbing leading to brain damage? Pull the other one. Very far fetched to call your buddy ‘clinically retarded’ and extremely offensive to those who are.

    I think the words you’re looking for are ‘clinically drunk.’

    Cheers, Bella.

  4. HAHAA BURNED OPP! That story is a joke, who the fuck would believe that? Nice try douche.

  5. OMG what a zinger, OPP you got slammed super hard! That was totes a CRUSHERRRRR - you got so burned, you pinner!

  6. This is pure gold. Thanks Miss Brennan for the endless lols and rofls.


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