Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hey Kids, Clothes are Cool!

Last night, at a friend's birthday at Kit and Kaboodle (ps. KK who do you think you are with your 3 level palaver? The higher the level, the cooler you are apparently) I noticed something. People don't wear clothes anymore. Just tiny scraps of material strewn over the bare minimum of their bodies. Or as I like to call it - bum coverers. 

While bum coverers are nice and tight and show all the junk in your trunk they don't work very well. Like when you're walking up the stairs and you spy a sneaky cheeky. 

I felt like a nun in my conservative high neck Asos smock but at least I wasn't going to catch a cold. No siree. 

This isn't a new revelation, but it breaks my heart. Clothes are fun! And warm! And pretty! FYI - you can still look sexy without having your cheeks hang out. So next time you go out, maybe try putting some on.

This is Sister Bella, singing off. 

Clothes are your friends! 

1 comment:

  1. Agree x 1000.
    I wish I took a pic of the bum cover up with lacy gstring showing through at the races the other day. Not cool!


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