Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Has Beans

It's no secret I love a shitty pun. Can't resist them. They're like my drug. The crappier the pun, the bigger my high. 

Take last Family Sunday Funday Dinner for example. Dad was throwing out the beans and with one last attempt to flog them said, 'does anyone want more?' I replied, 'nah, they're has beans.' Cue the cringes from my respective family members. I did a victory pirouette, then took a bow, very pleased with myself. 

What are some of your awesomely terrible puns?

James with his has bean.
They were actually delish, but with one sib down (ahem TB) there were left overs.


  1. Bean there, pun that.

  2. Wow anon - you rock. Best pun evs! Gold star to you!


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