Friday, April 22, 2011

Frocks 101

FATHER: Are you sure you don't want to wear a jacket? Or something for your shoulders? It's freezing.  

ME: Fashion is pain Dad. Pain and hypothermia. Besides, this dress doesn't do jackets. 

FYI - the frock in question was my ah-to-the-maze Topshop bandage number, Mr Whitey (yes, I name my clothes and give them genders, whatcha going to do about it?) I bought him last year in Yee Old London Town. He's a little bit racey but oh so Kate Moss. 

Do you have those dresses you literally wear once, then they're swallowed into the obis of your wardrobe? The other week Inga enquired about Mr Whitey's whereabouts. I promised her I'd take him for a spin soon. And I did. What better event than Cleo Bachelor of the Year. Shollis rocked a freaking fabulous off the shoulder number. Our black and white combo meant we were the cutest couple there. 

Sorry Dad, something for my shoulders would have totally wrecked our ensemble. 

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