Monday, April 18, 2011

2 Sleeps & Counting! She's Almost Here!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you would be just as excited as I, and zillions of Aussies are that ZARA IS OPENING IN 2 FREAKING SLEEPS! (un)Lucky for me and the Australian economy, Sydney Westfield is seconds away from my work. Uh oh.

For those naysayers who don’t see the glory in this historic moment, I say boo-urns to you. BOO-URNS! I’m sorry, but have you seen the deliciously fab threads Zar Zar has to offer? No? Didn’t think so. Next time, check your facts before you shake your hands at me.

I fell in love with her back in ’06. It was my first trip to Europe and I remember my cousin Anna told me Zara was a must. Thanks for the tip!  

Zara’s always been that exotic, unobtainable girl you only see on holidays. She’s my European fling. Whenever I’m there, we shared heated moments of joy. But then it’s time to go and Zara is all but a distant memory.

I know this love affair isn't exclusive. I know she’s a bit of an international tart and spreads her stores all over. I’m cool with that because now I can finally make her mine.

Come Wednesday Zara, you and I are going to spend some serious quality time together!

Spot the Zara bag. Doing my post shopping spree happy dance. Who says backpackers can't indulge a little? Helsinki, 2008

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