Sunday, March 20, 2011

Trends Twenty Eleven, Spew or Do?

Ahoy hoy! It's been a while between T.T.E posts, please forgive me. But don't worry my pretties, I've been keeping an eagle eye out and boy do I have some rippers for you!

Chunky knits: Winter is almost here so it's time to enjoy some snuggly lovin' with cosy knits. It's all about teaming fashionable fleece with your evening wear. Warm and on trend!

Capes: Not to be confused with the mape. Chick-capes are back with a vengeance. Not really my cup of tea but can definitely look faboosh. If you're going to work the cape, make sure the rest of your get-up is structured, so not to swamp your frame. 

Knee-high socks: I asked my style guru (aka Tiff), what her thoughts were on the revival of the knee-high sock. Her response summed it up, 'we're only young once, may as well do it while we can get away with it.' Seeing as though I was an avid Baby Spice fan, I'm definitely going to be rocking this trend. Look at me funny, see if I care. Knee-highs will be a flirty breath of fresh air from boring opaque tights. 

Aviator jackets: Think Amelia Earhart meets a woolly sheep. An updated version of the biker jacket. They're going to be everywhere this winter but not sure if I'm convinced. 

Beetroot: I'm getting quite obsessed with this colour. And hey, if you're not a fan of the vegetable, at least you can wear it! My dream pair of jeans are the beetroot babies from Arnsdorf, I'm crushing them real bad. 

What do you think of these trends? Spew or do?

Granted she can make a garbage bag look hot, but goodness me I love this adorable knee-high combo! 


  1. lovin the beetroot babeh!

  2. A certain lady I know by the name of Genna rocks the knee highs like a Miu Miu ad!!!

  3. Oh my God! She was in my office the other day and she looked smokin'... She has definitely converted me!


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