Sunday, March 20, 2011


Eeek! My animal print obsession is getting a bit out of hand. Here's a snap shot of my animal collective. Imagine if I wore everything at the same time? Perhaps that's a future blog post, 'how many people can I freak out with this repulsive outfit?' while I walk down the street clad in my critter creation.

And that big furry thing you can see, fear not, I haven't killed any leopards. That's my faux fur jacket, courtesy of Bardot. Bring on the chilly weather! I've gots me a cosy jacket!

What are your fashion-infatuations at the mo? 

I've got a life time supply. 


  1. Are there any colours or prints you don't have? How do you manage to store all these clothes?

  2. A mixture of floordrobe and wardrobe.

    PS. LOVE your name!

    Imaspy you gots competition. Unless Imaspy is schizophrenic and this is your altar ego.

  3. Ps. yes there are lots of variations I don't have... like pink moo cow print for example.


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