Monday, March 21, 2011

Pretty Little Sydney Things

Let's face it, Sydney. You're hot. You're really fucking hot. And frankly my dear, I don't think you get enough credit for it! That's where Inga and I step in. We think it's time you got a bit more recognition for the beautiful creatures that inhabit your wonderful streets. 

Introducing our new side project - Pretty Little Sydney Things. Oh yeah! It's time to sing our favourite song! STOP, collaborate and listen! Inga's on camera, I'm on copy. Together we're team Gargs and Abes, scouting the streets of Sydney for pretty little things.

Truth be told, this was born accidentally, one boozy Sunday afternoon. The eye candy at Garden Music Festival was off the richter. We couldn't help but have a snap. "Imagine if we turned this into a blog post," we joked. Sometimes the best ideas come in your fuzzy alcohol fuelled euphoria. Granted we have a long list of inebriated brain waves. We've had many in depth (albeit, drunk) conversations about starting a magazine called Sasquatch. Our group also had grand plans to go the top of the Centre Point Tower after hours of partying but this has actually got legs! We're doing it!

We're not trying to be The Sartorialist but we're definitely inspired by the mastermind, who isn't? Every second blog these days references Schuman's concept. We're true believers in acknowledging your sources and we know this idea isn't ours. But in the spirit of being 'uber pomo' we're going to put our own spin on it. It's a bit of fun and will be published simultaneously on both our blogs. You can wig Inga's awesome website out here

Sydney style is just so freaking fabulous it's worth celebrating and sharing. We hope you likey, love IKC and AB!

Cute as a Button
The pixie hair cut, the high waisted skirt, the retro sunnies, the red and white colour theme. Sigh. You're just too cute.
Retro Romance
Take a gorgeous girl + a beautiful boy add a generous dollop of style and voila, Sydney's trendiest couple right here. 

White Out
It's no mean feat pulling off white pantaloons, but you my friend get a gold star. Loving those John Lennon-esque spectacles too. 

The Clash
Love a bit of clashing. The lace crop top over the polka dot frock is working wonders. And that floral rocker is giving me Florence Welch vibes. To finish their look the BFFs have opted for a theatrical flair with their top hats. Adorzzz. Do they come as a set?

Strip Tease
It's all about detail. Brogues with stripy socks? Yes please!
Let's Turn the Lens on You!
How come all professional photographers are inherently trendy? And how come he can make something so simple, like jeans and a tee, look so fashion forward. Props to you, good sir.

Pretty pictures courtesy of Ingrid Kool-Clarke


  1. Oh so cute! The guy dressed in khaki has an awesome safari outfit there.


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