Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pretty Little Sydney Things, Take 2

WHAT A DUDE! We spotted this guy cycling down Riley St. His curly fro blowing in the wind as he shouted 'hey' to his chums at a near by cafe. WHO DOES THAT? He was the epitome of cool. Inga and I couldn't resist and stopped him for a snap. Oh, and did I mention he was wearing SPARKLY SNEAKERS. Best. Kicks. Ever. It was like a disco-foot-party! Need I say more?

Style and attitude to boot. Bucket loads of it. I'm a sucker for a black and white combo and can you spy that rad tatt peekabooing from the side of her arm? Ahhh to the maze! 

Understated yet oh so on-trend with the mustard maxi. Chuck in a high waisted belt for a high fashion finish. Full marks. 

STOP IT. Like seriously, please. I may combust with how ADORABLE you are. She's letting the accessories do all the talking and I'm loving it sick. The red clutch off sets the blue peep toe sandals and those sunnies exude street-style-chic. Do those shoes come in kids sizes? I want! 

Can I please have your never-ending legs? And your to die for auburn hair? And your beige clogs. And your navy silk sundress? Kthanksbye.

Pretty pictures courtesy of Miss Ingrid Kool-Clarke. Like this? Then you'll love our first Pretty Little Sydney Things post. Click here to check out some more babin' babez! Why do we do this? Because Sydney's just so fucking hot, it needs to be celebrated! 

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