Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The One Month Swag-Lock Challenge

Can JB brush his hair everyday and keep the swag-locks away? We check back in one month, if he succeeds I give him 50 bucks! That's a lot for a fifteen year old. Ps. how good am I at being an embarrassing big sister? I think it's my life calling.


  1. Hey JB, why not give your Sister the $50 not to dance or embarrass you on her blog ever again? Hahaha.

    I now have "Bop, how you do dis" stuck in my head...

  2. rolfcopter, lmao, lol

    more videos like this please you two are hilarious together

  3. hahahah amazeballs.

    would you give me $50 if i didn't brush my hair for a month?

  4. Only if there was a healthy collection of swag-locks, enough to rival JB's, which is no easy feat.


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