Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Not Such a Rad Ad

Where your pantzz at gurl?

Remember my friend Diane from the American Apparel ad here? Turns out she's a bit of a sluzza. Well, either that or very forgetful as she seems to have misplaced her pantaloons! This popped up on their website tonight and I just find it a bit... well, unnecessary. 

AA are known for their edgy and controversial advertising style but considering they sell jeans don't you think it's in their best interest to dress the models in them and plug their range of bottoms too? Not actual BOTTOMS! 

Don't get me wrong, I adore heaps of their work. They're renowned for scouting their models off the street, from their stores and some are even picked from sending their photos in. The copy is written in a quirky, third person bio. I love the fact they don't airbrush the shit out of their ads and you can often spot blemishes, bruises and other lumps and bumps on the girls. That's hard to come by. 

It's definitely not the first time they've used nudity to sell their fab threads but call me old fashion, I'm just not ready to see a shiny white arse shoved in my face while I'm perusing their goods. Will I still buy their clothes? Yes. But Diane? We're no longer friends, ya hussy. 

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  1. how about when they sell stockings and the girls aren't wearing underpants. I think over the last year they've improved a little. girls wearing just stockings, no tops, doing leg kicks away from camera don't appear as frequently
    Em Shep


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