Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Life Lessons #101

  • You know it's time to go home when you're dancing to 'Time of my Life' from Dirty Dancing and you face plant on the d-floor. Or when your Patrick Swayze attempts to elegantly spin you around and drops you. Cough, Justin, cough. Worst dance partner ever. No one puts Baby on the ground!  

  • Always wear a little bit of makeup, even if you're just pottering down to the shops, or going to work. The one time you don't you'll run into the boy you like, or have to go to a last minute job interview with an editor you greatly admire. Life's a smart arse like that.

  • One should never travel on public transport without a good book. Why? It's the perfect way to avoid talking to death traps, while feeding your brain.

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