Sunday, March 20, 2011

Frugalista Chic

I would like to dispel a myth right here and now. You don't need to be decked out in designer brands to be deemed fashionable. I love shopping at fancy pants boutiques as much as I love shopping at chain stores. In fact, I prefer the latter. Waaaay less intimidating than having to deal with snooty Prude and Trude shop assistants while trying to squeeze into bullshit sizes (what the fuck Zimmerman? Size 0 to 3 are you for real?) 

There I said it.

Sure, it's lovely to reward ourselves and splurge on special treats. But it's an invaluable skill to know how to rock a Ladakh like a Lanvin. Style transcends labels. The other day I realised I was head to toe in el cheapo threads and still loved my outfit.

Cleo editor Gemma Crisp summed it up perfectly in her March ed’s letter. 'Someone asked me if I'd been frantically raiding the fashion cupboard for new clothes to wear every time the camera crew were around. Ironically, I'd just finished being filmed while wearing my sister's 10-month-old chain-store top that had cost all of $60. So the answer was negative. Ghostrider - The devil wears Dotti, not Prada!' Amen sister! 

My wardrobe is an eclectic mix. From a few indulgent purchases that equal who knows how many hours of work, to awesome little frocks that are cheaper than a week's worth of coffee. And the beauty of it all? No one can tell the difference. Last week, Tiff asked me where I got my top, 'I love it!' She said. I smugly replied 'Supre'. 

Fashion isn't about how many dollars your clothes cost, it's about having fun and getting creative! So to get you in the spirit, here are my top 3 fab-frugalista purchases I’ve made of late, which are all under thirty bucks. Maybe you could try be a fashionable Frugalista too?

  1. Chicabootie pantaloons: A place I frequent often, Chica Booty is a haven for sweet treats. These fun animal print pants will be perfect for the trans-seasonal weather. 
  2. Mustard Maxi skirt from Afro Funk: Afro Funk is a quirky store in the Galeries Victoria, (ps. not a typo, it's always bugged me they spell it with one 'l', alas...) it's a versatile skirt that will go with anything.
  3. Black floaty maxi skirt from Glassons: Remember Glassons? I hadn't been there since high school, but they had a killer window display that lured me in. And wow there were so many stylish finds. I ended up with a black maxi which is now part of my weekly rotation. 

Gorgeous Glassons, from their Autumn range.

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