Friday, March 11, 2011

Bump Loving

Hurruh for living in a time where bebe bumps are celebrated on the cover of international mastheads! Thanks UK Harper's! Ok sure, Eva Herzigova may be a super-doopa module but hey, it's a bump nonetheless. J'adore this cover!

April, 2011 issue

And here is uber stylist Rachel Zoe sporting her yummy tummy on the cover of US mag, The Hollywood Reporter. These two covers are so refreshing. It's not like either of these celebs are pioneering the trend, but they are doing it with grace and gusto. And with clothes on. Ahem, Demi, Claudia, Brit Dog and Xtinta. I'm looking at you... So let's take a look down bumpy-brick lane of naughty mummy mag covers.

Demi is the veteran bumper. What was a world wide controversy back in 1991, we don't blink twice now when a celeb gets starkers for a cover shoot.

Yawn. A whole decade later and you couldn't you even think of a different pose to Demi, really Claudia? German Vogue would have sold like hot cakes though.

Excuse me Miss Spears, are you lost? Do you think you're on the cover of Playboy? Hunny, you're with child. It's a tad inappropes to be giving us the bedroom eyes while sucking so vigorously on that lollipop.  
Oh hey Skanktina, did you forget to wear a bra underneath your jacket? Better put some more layers on dear, or you'll catch a cold!
Where do you stand in the bump debate? Love it? Hate it? Get weirded out when celebs pimp their baby bodies so scantily clad?

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