Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Boy(s) Crushing

It's no secret I'm a polygamist*. I propose to people left, right and centre. And now there's more husbands to add to the wish list. Man, it's gonna be a big wedding! 

On Sunday I was successfully seduced by the sweat beats of Jinja Safari, at Garden Music Festival. I would happily marry every single member of that band. But seeing as though polygamy isn't legal in Australia, if I had to pick just one, it would be the lead singer, Marcus Azon. 

It was such an awesome gig, their music made me do crazy things. Like dance like Elaine Bennis. Definitely keep your eye out for these boys. During their last song, the crowd was invited to get up on stage and boogy with the band. I would have joined, but I was weak at the knees.

Check out their scrumptious music here and to see who I'm girl crushing at the mo, click here

* For those of you not aware with a little thing called sarcasm, I'd like to introduce you to him. It's important you know each other, as he's a big part of my life.  

Dancing on the roof like a rock star.


  1. * wait, so you aren't or are a polygamist? Just to help sway the direction of the sarcasm.

    Again this sarcasm has done a number on us.

    I've got a feeling it sways to a yes... seems you crush on a lot of people. In some alternate universe you have a million boyfriends, lol :)

  2. Definitely not a polygamist. Maybe the correct term would be pretend polygamist. Or serial crusher.

  3. Yeah I'm guilty of that too. Serial crushing... not polygamy.

    When a guy likes a girl... is that still classified as a crush? Crush seems more like the term to use when a girl likes a guy...

  4. Nope 'crush' is universal. Applies to chicks liking chicks, chicks liking guys, guys liking guys, guys liking girls. It transcends gender and sexual preference.


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