Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pretty Little Sydney Things, Take 2

WHAT A DUDE! We spotted this guy cycling down Riley St. His curly fro blowing in the wind as he shouted 'hey' to his chums at a near by cafe. WHO DOES THAT? He was the epitome of cool. Inga and I couldn't resist and stopped him for a snap. Oh, and did I mention he was wearing SPARKLY SNEAKERS. Best. Kicks. Ever. It was like a disco-foot-party! Need I say more?

Style and attitude to boot. Bucket loads of it. I'm a sucker for a black and white combo and can you spy that rad tatt peekabooing from the side of her arm? Ahhh to the maze! 

Understated yet oh so on-trend with the mustard maxi. Chuck in a high waisted belt for a high fashion finish. Full marks. 

STOP IT. Like seriously, please. I may combust with how ADORABLE you are. She's letting the accessories do all the talking and I'm loving it sick. The red clutch off sets the blue peep toe sandals and those sunnies exude street-style-chic. Do those shoes come in kids sizes? I want! 

Can I please have your never-ending legs? And your to die for auburn hair? And your beige clogs. And your navy silk sundress? Kthanksbye.

Pretty pictures courtesy of Miss Ingrid Kool-Clarke. Like this? Then you'll love our first Pretty Little Sydney Things post. Click here to check out some more babin' babez! Why do we do this? Because Sydney's just so fucking hot, it needs to be celebrated! 

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I am my Father's Daughter

I can't resist a shitty pun. My dad is also an avid fan and is the absolute King of dad jokes. Well, most dads are really. It's their job. But tonight I gave him a run for his money. 

DAD (talking about what ingredients he used for dinner): It has garlic, chili and thyme which we're running out of actually. 

ME: QUICK! HURRY EVERYONE! We're running out of thyme! 

DAD: Touché! That was a Dad joke! 

ME: Hmm, I wonder where I got that from?

A whole book dedicated to dad jokes! 

Not Such a Rad Ad

Where your pantzz at gurl?

Remember my friend Diane from the American Apparel ad here? Turns out she's a bit of a sluzza. Well, either that or very forgetful as she seems to have misplaced her pantaloons! This popped up on their website tonight and I just find it a bit... well, unnecessary. 

AA are known for their edgy and controversial advertising style but considering they sell jeans don't you think it's in their best interest to dress the models in them and plug their range of bottoms too? Not actual BOTTOMS! 

Don't get me wrong, I adore heaps of their work. They're renowned for scouting their models off the street, from their stores and some are even picked from sending their photos in. The copy is written in a quirky, third person bio. I love the fact they don't airbrush the shit out of their ads and you can often spot blemishes, bruises and other lumps and bumps on the girls. That's hard to come by. 

It's definitely not the first time they've used nudity to sell their fab threads but call me old fashion, I'm just not ready to see a shiny white arse shoved in my face while I'm perusing their goods. Will I still buy their clothes? Yes. But Diane? We're no longer friends, ya hussy. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

If The Brennans Were Super Heros...

I come from a pretty weird family. An AMAZINGLY weird family. I mean that in the best way. I would hate to come from one of those straight laced posses that think sipping on mocktails while playing croquet is like, totally wacky! My sibs and I are all strange in our own right, together we fit like the perfect weirdo puzzle. I always count my lucky stars I come from such an awesome squadron. 

Instead of mocktails and croquet, we like to dress up in homemade onesies, drink snozwozzas, eat 'occlate, spam bomb the fridge and make home made Pokemon cards. Edork is a very talented artist and while she can draw the prettiest picture you've ever seen, her speciality lies in fugly peeps. Introducing the limited edition Brennan super heroes! Gotta catch 'em all! 

Dad and I dug these up tonight and couldn't stop laughing. They're from about 2002 and it was actually a proper game we used to play with James in his Pokemon phase. There's a whole set, featuring some hilarious characters a young JB made, which I'll show you soon. It's evident that kid was funny from the start. 

And yes, now you know what my family nickname is. Affectionately coined by the older two. I promise I don't smell. Much. 

Monday, March 28, 2011

Oh Boy!

SPOTTED: Saturday night at Ladylux in The Cross (aka where dreams become nightmares), bartenders decked out in tight as shorts and nipple popping shirts. You could seriously see the outline of their derrieres. Not that I'm complaining or anything. I'm a sucker for a geek. 

I thought it was a very clever ploy pimping out the boys for once. We've all seen girls scantily clad while pulling bears but very rarely do we see skanky boys. The basic theory being something along the lines of cute boys in sleazy outfits + drunk punters wanting to flirt with said cuties = more reason to buy drinks which = more revenue! Please note, it's not like the employees have a say in what what they wear. Their boss gives them their uniform. Do you think the sales assistants at Alanah Hill really want to look like clowns performing in the circus? Excessive amounts of red blush anyone? 

What do you think? Have you seen boys in sexy get up in the hospitality / retail industry before?

Cover Love

I freaking luuurve the cover of this week's Woman's Day. I saw it on Chinny's table this morning, at first glance I thought it was a vintage issue. It's old Hollywood glamour at its best. This little baby is going to sell like hot cakes! Who says you have to be all high fashion and shiz to have a killer cover?

Sunday, March 27, 2011

This is Why I Love You

Oh Fogs, you make me giggle ever so. When 4pm hits, someone in the office usually does a coffee run to help us through that last part of the day. This is how Leanne wrote her order on Friday arvo. Love that she referred to her soy chai latte as an 'investment', classic. She's my office BFF and I just can't bear to think we only have one week left of working together. Luckily, my new stomping ground is only across the hallway. I'll definitely be needing printer parties to get my Foggy fix. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The One Month Swag-Lock Challenge

Can JB brush his hair everyday and keep the swag-locks away? We check back in one month, if he succeeds I give him 50 bucks! That's a lot for a fifteen year old. Ps. how good am I at being an embarrassing big sister? I think it's my life calling.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Pretty Little Sydney Things

Let's face it, Sydney. You're hot. You're really fucking hot. And frankly my dear, I don't think you get enough credit for it! That's where Inga and I step in. We think it's time you got a bit more recognition for the beautiful creatures that inhabit your wonderful streets. 

Introducing our new side project - Pretty Little Sydney Things. Oh yeah! It's time to sing our favourite song! STOP, collaborate and listen! Inga's on camera, I'm on copy. Together we're team Gargs and Abes, scouting the streets of Sydney for pretty little things.

Truth be told, this was born accidentally, one boozy Sunday afternoon. The eye candy at Garden Music Festival was off the richter. We couldn't help but have a snap. "Imagine if we turned this into a blog post," we joked. Sometimes the best ideas come in your fuzzy alcohol fuelled euphoria. Granted we have a long list of inebriated brain waves. We've had many in depth (albeit, drunk) conversations about starting a magazine called Sasquatch. Our group also had grand plans to go the top of the Centre Point Tower after hours of partying but this has actually got legs! We're doing it!

We're not trying to be The Sartorialist but we're definitely inspired by the mastermind, who isn't? Every second blog these days references Schuman's concept. We're true believers in acknowledging your sources and we know this idea isn't ours. But in the spirit of being 'uber pomo' we're going to put our own spin on it. It's a bit of fun and will be published simultaneously on both our blogs. You can wig Inga's awesome website out here

Sydney style is just so freaking fabulous it's worth celebrating and sharing. We hope you likey, love IKC and AB!

Cute as a Button
The pixie hair cut, the high waisted skirt, the retro sunnies, the red and white colour theme. Sigh. You're just too cute.
Retro Romance
Take a gorgeous girl + a beautiful boy add a generous dollop of style and voila, Sydney's trendiest couple right here. 

White Out
It's no mean feat pulling off white pantaloons, but you my friend get a gold star. Loving those John Lennon-esque spectacles too. 

The Clash
Love a bit of clashing. The lace crop top over the polka dot frock is working wonders. And that floral rocker is giving me Florence Welch vibes. To finish their look the BFFs have opted for a theatrical flair with their top hats. Adorzzz. Do they come as a set?

Strip Tease
It's all about detail. Brogues with stripy socks? Yes please!
Let's Turn the Lens on You!
How come all professional photographers are inherently trendy? And how come he can make something so simple, like jeans and a tee, look so fashion forward. Props to you, good sir.

Pretty pictures courtesy of Ingrid Kool-Clarke


Yikes. I literally just swum home. It's raining cats and dogs! The best way to deal with this weather? Embrace it with your style! I thought this soggy Monday was the perfect occasion to whip out my oh-so-cute Topshop sailor girl dress. 

Another colleague had got in the spirit too! Hyatt, from our neighbouring office, was rocking these ahhh-mazing Chanel gumboots. Mega envy.

For more tips and tricks on wet weather activities click here.  

Ahoy there me hearties! I'm ready for the rain. 
How adorable are the black and white camellias!
Just in case you weren't sure where they're from, the good old logo on the heel will remind you! 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Trends Twenty Eleven, Spew or Do?

Ahoy hoy! It's been a while between T.T.E posts, please forgive me. But don't worry my pretties, I've been keeping an eagle eye out and boy do I have some rippers for you!

Chunky knits: Winter is almost here so it's time to enjoy some snuggly lovin' with cosy knits. It's all about teaming fashionable fleece with your evening wear. Warm and on trend!

Capes: Not to be confused with the mape. Chick-capes are back with a vengeance. Not really my cup of tea but can definitely look faboosh. If you're going to work the cape, make sure the rest of your get-up is structured, so not to swamp your frame. 

Knee-high socks: I asked my style guru (aka Tiff), what her thoughts were on the revival of the knee-high sock. Her response summed it up, 'we're only young once, may as well do it while we can get away with it.' Seeing as though I was an avid Baby Spice fan, I'm definitely going to be rocking this trend. Look at me funny, see if I care. Knee-highs will be a flirty breath of fresh air from boring opaque tights. 

Aviator jackets: Think Amelia Earhart meets a woolly sheep. An updated version of the biker jacket. They're going to be everywhere this winter but not sure if I'm convinced. 

Beetroot: I'm getting quite obsessed with this colour. And hey, if you're not a fan of the vegetable, at least you can wear it! My dream pair of jeans are the beetroot babies from Arnsdorf, I'm crushing them real bad. 

What do you think of these trends? Spew or do?

Granted she can make a garbage bag look hot, but goodness me I love this adorable knee-high combo! 


Eeek! My animal print obsession is getting a bit out of hand. Here's a snap shot of my animal collective. Imagine if I wore everything at the same time? Perhaps that's a future blog post, 'how many people can I freak out with this repulsive outfit?' while I walk down the street clad in my critter creation.

And that big furry thing you can see, fear not, I haven't killed any leopards. That's my faux fur jacket, courtesy of Bardot. Bring on the chilly weather! I've gots me a cosy jacket!

What are your fashion-infatuations at the mo? 

I've got a life time supply. 

Bellcabulary (words and phrases that float my boat)

  • Legenvy: This term derives from the pure leg envy I have of my buddy Inga's pins. Being a short limbed lass, I can't help but wonder what it would be like to have legs up to here (holds hands up to head). And let's face it, girl's got some fine long limbs!

  • Chinple: Why do chinples (chin-pimples) always pop up at the most inopportune times? Like before a date or when you're being introduced to new people. You can't help but feel like there's a big red arrow pointing to said chinple and the whole world is staring at you. 

  • Accent goggles: Similar to beer goggles, a beautiful accent can transform an average bloke into an Adonis. Approach with caution and always ask yourself, 'would I like them if they didn't have that sexy accent?' And DO NOT combine the two evils of beer + accent. 

  • Correctomon: Those who continually correct you on the most minuscule, insignificant details. i.e. 'it's 8.30.' 'No, it's actually 8.32.' They must always be right. If they were a Pokemon, they would be a correctomon. Similar to one-uppers. The best way to shut them up is to tell them to stop being such a correctomon! It's borza!

    • Drunk and generous: Why oh why do we get so benevolent after a few bevvys? Yeah, you feel like the most charitable chick in town but it's very depressing when you check the bank balance the morning after the night before. A word to the wise, don't go near any shops either, you'll be asking yourself 'did I really need to buy two packets of cigarettes, UHU Glue and birthday candles from the Seven Eleven?' Ugh. I blame it on being drunk and generous. 

    Buying this crap seemed like a great idea at the time. It was my birthday so I guess that justifies it a tad. Not exactly sure what I was planning with the glue.
      Legenvy. Case in point, Miss Inga Kool-Clarke.

      Frugalista Chic

      I would like to dispel a myth right here and now. You don't need to be decked out in designer brands to be deemed fashionable. I love shopping at fancy pants boutiques as much as I love shopping at chain stores. In fact, I prefer the latter. Waaaay less intimidating than having to deal with snooty Prude and Trude shop assistants while trying to squeeze into bullshit sizes (what the fuck Zimmerman? Size 0 to 3 are you for real?) 

      There I said it.

      Sure, it's lovely to reward ourselves and splurge on special treats. But it's an invaluable skill to know how to rock a Ladakh like a Lanvin. Style transcends labels. The other day I realised I was head to toe in el cheapo threads and still loved my outfit.

      Cleo editor Gemma Crisp summed it up perfectly in her March ed’s letter. 'Someone asked me if I'd been frantically raiding the fashion cupboard for new clothes to wear every time the camera crew were around. Ironically, I'd just finished being filmed while wearing my sister's 10-month-old chain-store top that had cost all of $60. So the answer was negative. Ghostrider - The devil wears Dotti, not Prada!' Amen sister! 

      My wardrobe is an eclectic mix. From a few indulgent purchases that equal who knows how many hours of work, to awesome little frocks that are cheaper than a week's worth of coffee. And the beauty of it all? No one can tell the difference. Last week, Tiff asked me where I got my top, 'I love it!' She said. I smugly replied 'Supre'. 

      Fashion isn't about how many dollars your clothes cost, it's about having fun and getting creative! So to get you in the spirit, here are my top 3 fab-frugalista purchases I’ve made of late, which are all under thirty bucks. Maybe you could try be a fashionable Frugalista too?

      1. Chicabootie pantaloons: A place I frequent often, Chica Booty is a haven for sweet treats. These fun animal print pants will be perfect for the trans-seasonal weather. 
      2. Mustard Maxi skirt from Afro Funk: Afro Funk is a quirky store in the Galeries Victoria, (ps. not a typo, it's always bugged me they spell it with one 'l', alas...) it's a versatile skirt that will go with anything.
      3. Black floaty maxi skirt from Glassons: Remember Glassons? I hadn't been there since high school, but they had a killer window display that lured me in. And wow there were so many stylish finds. I ended up with a black maxi which is now part of my weekly rotation. 

      Gorgeous Glassons, from their Autumn range.

      Tuesday, March 15, 2011

      Boy(s) Crushing

      It's no secret I'm a polygamist*. I propose to people left, right and centre. And now there's more husbands to add to the wish list. Man, it's gonna be a big wedding! 

      On Sunday I was successfully seduced by the sweat beats of Jinja Safari, at Garden Music Festival. I would happily marry every single member of that band. But seeing as though polygamy isn't legal in Australia, if I had to pick just one, it would be the lead singer, Marcus Azon. 

      It was such an awesome gig, their music made me do crazy things. Like dance like Elaine Bennis. Definitely keep your eye out for these boys. During their last song, the crowd was invited to get up on stage and boogy with the band. I would have joined, but I was weak at the knees.

      Check out their scrumptious music here and to see who I'm girl crushing at the mo, click here

      * For those of you not aware with a little thing called sarcasm, I'd like to introduce you to him. It's important you know each other, as he's a big part of my life.  

      Dancing on the roof like a rock star.

      Life Lessons #101

      • You know it's time to go home when you're dancing to 'Time of my Life' from Dirty Dancing and you face plant on the d-floor. Or when your Patrick Swayze attempts to elegantly spin you around and drops you. Cough, Justin, cough. Worst dance partner ever. No one puts Baby on the ground!  

      • Always wear a little bit of makeup, even if you're just pottering down to the shops, or going to work. The one time you don't you'll run into the boy you like, or have to go to a last minute job interview with an editor you greatly admire. Life's a smart arse like that.

      • One should never travel on public transport without a good book. Why? It's the perfect way to avoid talking to death traps, while feeding your brain.

      Girl Crushing

      Don't get me wrong, Mark Ronson was so hot on Friday night, I had to rip my skirt off*. But the real star of the show was Amanda Warner, one half of electronic duo MNDR. Warner has joined Ronson and the Business International and is killing it. You might know her as that sexy little vixen from the Bang, Bang, Bang clip.

      Woah nelly that girl is rad! She's quirky, cute, can dance like a pro and is super feisty! Her mix of attitude, style and that certain je ne sais quoi makes for one minxy babe. 

      * Such a rookie error wearing my floaty black maxi skirt. Extremely impractical for a hot and sweaty venue like the Enmore. Luckily the top I was wearing was actually a shorter dress, tucked in to my skirt. I ordered it from Topshop online and it was a tad too short for my liking, I swore I'd never wear it as a dress but desperate times, call for desperate measures. Edwina and I ducked to the loo only to find an epic line. I asked Ed if she thought anyone would notice me de-robing in the line? 'The girl spewing into the bin over there is a good enough distraction. You'll be right,' she said. And hey presto, just like that my costume change was donzeo!

      Be my BFF please Amanda?

      Monday, March 14, 2011

      Bondi I Love You, But You're Bringing Me Down

      Our good friend Brazel recently moved to a sweet little pad in North Bondi,* which means he has unwillingly accrued a posse of moochers, formerly known as his friends. The past few weekends have been spent at his and it's fair to say there'll be many more to come. If he doesn't flee town and take up residence at a silent address. 

      Don't get me wrong, it's the ideal hood for youngins'. You feel like you're on holidays. It's the perfect escape, without even leaving Sydney. There's something about the ocean that makes you instantly happier. Hello weekend swims, Sunday markets and greasy cafe breakkies to aid your hang over. The problem is, there are just too many God damn beautiful people and quite frankly, it's most traumatising. There's only so much hot I can handle. And Bondi, you're a cesspool of sexy. Overflowing with glamazons galore. Ugh.

      Take the Couch Boys for example. We almost crashed the car when we saw them. There they were, camped out the front of their apartment, chilling on a couch. They weren't just a bunch of blokes drinking VB with their guts out. Nuh uh. They looked like a group of male models. They may as well have been posing for an editorial spread in Vanity Fair. Our convo went a little something like this as we drove past them....

      ME: Um, are you kidding me?

      INGA: What the fuck? Are you serious?

      ME: Those boys are so fucking good looking, it's actually inconsiderate. How dare they sit there being so awesome. 

      We were gob smacked for the next few minutes. As my self esteem plunged, my anger rose. WHERE DO THESE PEOPLE COME FROM AND HOW DO THEY ALL FIND EACH OTHER? Is there some sort of secret society? Some sort of turbo-top secret Facebook group where these babes can connect with other babin' babes? Like yo, 'let's get in touch... I have a mad couch out the front of my house where we can hang and be pretty together.' 

      So if you're planning on moving to Bondi and want to adapt the unique style to fit in, my buddies and I have done all the foot work for you. It's bo-ho chic meets 'is this organic?' The scruffier the better. Think moustaches, top hats, fedoras. Rock those Ksubi skinnies while sipping on your fresh carrot juice. Vintage shirts with holes are preferable. For a look that packs a punch, go all out and roll around in the gutter. Nothing shouts Bondi like a bit of miscellaneous garbage scattered nonchalantly on your person. Oh, and don't forget your couch!  

      PS. I pose a question to you Couch Boys. I wanna know what you do when it rains, huh? It's not very hip hanging out on a mouldy smelling couch ya know. 

      PPS. for anyone not familiar with the LCD Sound System's New York, I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down reference, wig the song out here. It's tops. 

      PPPS. Sorry for drawing facial hair on you Inga, hope you don't mind?

      * FYI for those playing at home, all the trendoids say NORTH Bondi. Plain Bondi just won't cut it appazza. The true hipsters reside in the 'North'.

      Bondi babes (yep, I'm wearing a beret). We got the look down pat!

      Friday, March 11, 2011

      Bump Loving

      Hurruh for living in a time where bebe bumps are celebrated on the cover of international mastheads! Thanks UK Harper's! Ok sure, Eva Herzigova may be a super-doopa module but hey, it's a bump nonetheless. J'adore this cover!

      April, 2011 issue

      And here is uber stylist Rachel Zoe sporting her yummy tummy on the cover of US mag, The Hollywood Reporter. These two covers are so refreshing. It's not like either of these celebs are pioneering the trend, but they are doing it with grace and gusto. And with clothes on. Ahem, Demi, Claudia, Brit Dog and Xtinta. I'm looking at you... So let's take a look down bumpy-brick lane of naughty mummy mag covers.

      Demi is the veteran bumper. What was a world wide controversy back in 1991, we don't blink twice now when a celeb gets starkers for a cover shoot.

      Yawn. A whole decade later and you couldn't you even think of a different pose to Demi, really Claudia? German Vogue would have sold like hot cakes though.

      Excuse me Miss Spears, are you lost? Do you think you're on the cover of Playboy? Hunny, you're with child. It's a tad inappropes to be giving us the bedroom eyes while sucking so vigorously on that lollipop.  
      Oh hey Skanktina, did you forget to wear a bra underneath your jacket? Better put some more layers on dear, or you'll catch a cold!
      Where do you stand in the bump debate? Love it? Hate it? Get weirded out when celebs pimp their baby bodies so scantily clad?

      Thursday, March 10, 2011

      What the Frock?

      Oh la la, it’s Kate Moss having a puff on le runway!

      Miss Moss (soon to be Mrs Hince), closed the Louis Vuitton show at Fashion Week in the City of Luuuurve yesterday. 

      What are your thoughts? Spew or do? Do you think the fashion goddess looks, er, smokin’ hot? Or do you think this ciggie-sans-pants look is el tackarino?

      Monday, March 7, 2011

      If only....

      • If only someone could make all those scary ‘big kid’ decisions for you.
      • If only you could pre-order your dream boy online and he was delivered in a neat little parcel on your doorstep, just like a Topshop package. I'll take brains, wit and an undeniable sense of style, please. Bill my visa. 
      • If only millionaire models didn't feel the need to walk the runway just weeks after giving birth. Ahem, Miranda and Heidi, I'm looking at you. It's not like you need the money. Can't you give us a mere mortals a break? 
      • If only my tummy didn’t growl at inappropriate moments. Like in a silent lift. Awks ma-gorks.
      • If only you could look into the future and see the alternative endings to your life and then you'd know which choice was the right one to make. 
      • If only you didn't bump into the boy you think is cute while you're rummaging, head first through a garbage bin,* dropping your phone on the floor or other moments of general unco-ness. Why can't I be doing something super awesome and cool, like hanging out with a bunch of male models or something? Cause I do that all the time.   
      • If only there could be a permanent ban on putting Jennifer Aniston on all future magazine covers. Or if only that wasn't the kind of celeb that generated sales.  

      * In my defence, it was a paper bin and I can assure you there was no bin juice. I was simply doing the right thing and recycling a cardboard box. It was just extremely large so I had to shove it in. When I saw Mr Cute, I panicked and said, "hey, fancy seeing you here, I'm just hanging out in my bin!" I know, I'm a catch!

      Not exactly the look I was going for...

      Sunday, March 6, 2011

      Thursday, March 3, 2011

      Sydney Secrets

      If ever you need cheering up, this street art should do the trick. Tucked away in Dungate lane, off Castlereagh st, lies another one of Sydney's hidden gems. Whenever I venture down to Goulburn st, to the world of Men's mags, I walk past this little babushka brigade. My favourite is the moustache man. You can tell he's got loads of 'tude.

      I don't know why they're there, I don't know what they're for, but they make me smile.

      So cute I just had to take a photo.

      Wednesday, March 2, 2011

      A Treat for your Ears: Sleepy Head Playlist

      Hey yawnz-a-lot, wants some blissed out beats to get you to the Land of Nod? You'll sleep easy with these melodies.... 

      • Kinisi, Aftermath: Delicate, lovely, warm. And if you like pinching pennies and being ethical, you can get the ENTIRE album for FREEZIES right here. That's right, Kinisi is spreading his fab tunes, with his blessing, totally for free. You're welcome.

      • James Blake, The Whilhelm Scream: Now look don't judge me. I know I'm late to jump on the James Blake bandwagon. I was hesitant at first. You see, people kept ranting about him, and I was all, 'why would you like the dude who sung that whiney You're Beautiful song? He sucks.' Turns out that was James BLUNT not James Blake. Duh! Yeah, I'm such a musical knowledge whiz, I know. This is so beautiful, even if it was James Blunt, I'd still like it. 

      Tuesday, March 1, 2011

      Hipster Hunting

      Welcome to my new post, Hipster Hunting. It's simple really, when I see a hip hipster, I take a snap. This concept was born by accident. Flicking through photos from Friday night, I spied this guy and his incredible undercut, beaming out from the crowd. 

      So what is a hipster you ask? Hipsters are those who try so hard to be different, they end up like the rest of us homogeneous losers. They may play the ukulele, have a penchant for wacky hair cuts or even be vegan. Hipsters go for the whatevs man, I-don't-give-a-shit look. When really they do. Irony is their main source of inspiration. A hipster will use a shoe lace for a belt and be all 'I'm not homeless, but still using string to hold up my corduroy pants. How do you like them tofus?' For a more extensive list click here.

      Without further ado, I bring you our first Hipster! 

      • Where? The Gaelic club. 
      • Why? Look at that undercut! The definition between long and short! The wavy locks in the upper layer! And he's sporting a spotty NECKERCHIEF! Double win. 
      • Hipster tip: An undercut is the Hipster's best friend, it's cool because it used to be daggy.  

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