Monday, February 7, 2011

Yellow Brick Laneway

I learnt something yesterday. You should ALWAYS pack a jumper. Just like you should always wear cute knickers in case you get hit by a bus and end up in hospital. A girl should never leave the house for a festival without an emergency cardy tucked in her bag. Yep, even in heat waves. Mother Nature has been an unpredictable mo-fo lately. What started as a nude inducing Sunday morning, ended up as a very fripply afternoon. 

There was only one solution. DANCING. Not just your awkward, I-don't-know-what-to-do-so-I'll-step-side-to-side-and-click pathetic excuse for jigging shit. Nuh uh. We danced like there was no tomorrow. You name it, we did it. Nothing was off limits. Split leaps, thriller hands, head rolls, shimmies. It was shameless, hysterical, laugh-until-you-cry-dancing. Sincere apologies to our lovely male friends who had to put up with our fabulous nonsense. And so the tone of Laneway 2011 was set. 

Without a doubt, Two Door Cinema Club were the musical sweethearts of the day. Their divine Irish accents, their intoxicatingly catchy music, their school boy charm. Don't even get me started on that dishy red headed lead singer, he is too freaking cute. We lost our shit. The concrete floor felt like a trampoline, we jumped up and down and screamed our heads off. They're the kind of band that make you smile from ear to ear. I wish I had tickets to their side show, they left me wanting more! 

I didn't know much of Beach House's music (or, as we now call them BEAAAACH HAAAAAAAWWWWWSE, see video below), but was mighty impressed. Will definitely be getting onto some more B.C action. We only caught the end of Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti. I get the impression those guys go above and beyond to be 'quirky and weird' but was fun to dance to Round and Round. Foals were tres ridic. Some bands play their instruments and plod along. Foals make LOVE to theirs and own the crowd. I'm a big fan, their album Total Life Forever was my soundtrack to Europe but I was devastated they didn't play This Orient. Nothing's worse when a band doesn't play your favourite song. I fell in love with Cut Copy all over again, they were the perfect end to the night. They played nostalgic hits from back in the day and fun new stuff off Zonoscope. 

Being a Laneway virgin, I was extremely impressed. Laneway was polite and unobtrusive, relaxed and happy. There was no seediness that can come with such events. It didn't really feel like a festival, more a place to potter about and watch amazing gigs. The intimate setting of Rozelle's historic courtyards of the SCA lended a much more personal feel. Those stunning sandstone buildings and crazy trees you usually see in Byron Bay had me weak at the knees. It's one of those hole in the wall, hidden Sydney gems. So thanks Laneway for making me a very happy girl. Even though I was freezing my bow off (yes, I wore a bow in my hair! What of it?) and unsuccessfully trying to buy jumpers off pretty strangers, it was a tops day. 

How was your Laneway? Any stand out acts? Any babes? Here are mine....


Two Door Cinema Club: biggest cuties out
Remember Nitro from The Shack? Sam Simmons is running a campaign on Triple J to bring the show back. We bumped into him literally 10 times. We became best frenemies. Gotta love a Z-list celeb.
GOD BLESS YOU NICK. Who says a boy can't rock a bonnet?
Nick + Inga's sun hat = match made in heaven. 
Sarah Pro working our water spray bottle before Summer turned into Winter
Man with a pipe = TOTES BABE
Mah pwetty laaaaadies
Byron Bay trees in Sydders!


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