Saturday, February 5, 2011

That's a Rad Ad!

I don't even drink cider but every time I see this ad it makes me want to. Yep, I'm being totally fooled by the powers of advertising. Just goes to show a quirky concept (snow in summer - so clever!) + a killer song (Young Blood, Naked and Famous) = successful combo!


  1. this is an amazing ad...

  2. Having worked in a wine bar when I was at uni I can say without any caution a cider hangover beats champange by 100%

  3. You know when I first saw this ad I thought it was a new ad for Coke, they usually do ads like this, and it is a rad ad.

    (I usually play a game in my head where I try guess what the product is before it's shown)

  4. i think that this advertisement is kind of silly because they are trying to portray cider to be a summer drink yet it kind of looks like its snowing which only happens in winter.


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