Sunday, February 13, 2011


In the past few weeks, I've bought countless maxi skirts. Animal print, black, patterned, floral - you name it I have it, probably in three different shades. When I find something that suits me, I tend to stock up but this is just ridiculous. I have come to the conclusion I've got Maxi-itis and I know exactly who I caught it off, Miss Nicki Chin (aka Chinny). 

Chinny is the Queen of the maxi. I love style stalking my friends for inspiration and ideas and seeing as though I hang out with them, five days a week, I guess it makes sense our style overlaps. The other day I was shopping and I saw the cutest cropped leather tee and I knew it would look smoking on Chinny. I ran back to the office, phoned her, marched to the shop, she tried it on and they looked great together. Donezo! It was a winner. 

So even though I style stalk, I pay it forward too. Now I just have to sort out this Maxi-itis. I hope they let you into Thailand with it. 

Want. more. am. addicted.

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