Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Life is Complete

Hit up iTunes and listen to Tom and Alex's podcast from today, the 9th of Feb. It's totally free LOLZ! Don't be deterred, for some reason it says Wednesday the 8th but it's the one with the tag "Ollie's night note". At 20ish minutes in Alex mentions a certain someone.... Cough, ME, cough.... Sorry, bit of pepper in my schnoz. 

If ninjas ransacked my house and I were to die tonight, I'd die a very happy lady. 

Pod lovin' can be found here

The Shaksters!


  1. Did you manage to fit your head through the door on your way to brush your teeth before bed? Haha, I could imagine how big your head must have grown after that mention, they even mentioned your picture. Nice one.

    Personally I miss Saturday Disney and Agro's Cartoon Connection.

  2. I heard I heard!! - Ingrid

  3. Woo I heard!
    Love nelly

  4. I heard it. Raaaaaaaayleeeeean.!


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