Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Triple J's Sam Simmons is campaigning his little butt off to bring back the much loved TV show, THE SHAK. Viewers were left broken hearted when the show was axed in 2009. Online forums raged with fury at the devastating announcement, "it was a horrible horrible kids show" one reader wrote. "It's not the same without the original cast and they live in a house now which isn't really a shack." "When they lost Picasso and the blonde chick and changed the show format, it certainly deteriorated," said others. When there's injustice in this world, you know Sam's got your back!

I was lucky enough to bump into ex-host, Nitro, of THE SHAK fame, at the Sydney Laneway festival (see below pic). He seemed pretty pumped to BRING BACK THE SHAK

So FYI Sam, we have one cast member on board. Now we need to lock in Curio, Picasso, Eco and what's her name. Sam needs as much help as possible guys, so let's bring back THE SHAK together! Tune into Triple J this Wednesday morning to find out more!


  1. I heard them mention your name this morning! So funny!

  2. I was listening when Tom and Alex were talking about you!!!! Go Bella!!!


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