Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Little Piece of Home

We were filming at the Seven Suns hostel in Chiang Mai yesterday, killing time on set I rummaged through their magazine collection looking for something good to read. Lo and behold I stumbled across an issue of madison!

It's nice to know our mag is so widely read! Even in a place as far away from home, like Chiang Mai!

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Gone Fishin'

Yo kids, I've set up residence at the Channel V blog (go to the blog tab and look for my name, my first post should be up very soon!) for the next two weeks. Please pop by, leave comments and let me know what you think! Let me hear ya say yeeeehaaaa for B430 THAILAND! 

Lowbrow Hoo-Ha will be back in full force when I'm home but for now please visit

Smell ya later! xxx

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Freedom Day Ya'll! The Top Ten Reasons Why it's Freaking Fabulous to be Single!

Hey you, why so glum? Oh because it's Valentine's Day tomorrow? Pffft, Shmalentine's Day! Whatevs man, it's just another made up event for boyfriends to feel inadequate, fools to buy tacky paraphernalia, restaurants to hike up prices and advertisers to cash in. I like to look at V. Day as a celebration of my freedom. Your happiness shouldn't be defined by your relationship status.

Your twenties are the prime of your life. Let's face it when are we going to get away with such a hedonistic lifestyle ever again? Hello dancing till 4am, sleeping Sundays away, festivals and travelling on a whim. I'm not hating on relationships, I've been there, done that and while having a permanent snuggle buddy is awesome, going out and doing whatever the hell you want is pretty fab too! 

I'm not anti-relationships but I'm not going to settle for mediocre either. I would rather be single, than be in a sub-par, blah relationship. I want WOW. I want BIG LOVE. I want BUTTERFLIES. I’m all for real love Regina Spektor style, granted it’s with the right boy. Of course I want to fall in love it's basic human instinct, there is nothing quite like it but I'm not going to wait around for Prince Charming to sweep me off my feet. I've got bigger fish to fry. Granted, I don't eat fish, I just like cooking them. 

Until the fate gods shine down on me, I am single and oh so ready to mingle! So here are my top ten reasons why it's freaking fabulous to be single!

1. FLIRT LIKE NOBODY'S BUSINESS: My God it's fun to flirt! I actually think I could put "professional flirter" down as a skill on my resume. It's one of my favourite past times. Yes, you can flirt when you're in a relationship but there's a hazy line of what's appropriate. When you're single you can flirt your pantzz off. Literally! One chum says she loves the guilt free flirting her singledom allows her, "I love having eye sex at traffic lights with someone across the road when you are waiting to cross without feeling guilty."

2. DATE YOUR ARSE OFF: Sure, you may feel like you want to spew before you meet them or you'd rather swim with sharks than go through the nerve wracking trauma of a date but once those initial clunky moments are over, it's fun. People would kill to relive those first few butterfly ridden dates. Lap it up and savour every moment. As for the bad dates? Well, they just make for great writing material (don't worry, I don't name names).

3. Your heart's in one piece: No one warns you how much it hurts to have your heart broken, and it hurts like a mo-fo! Once you've picked up all the shattered pieces and glued them back it's nice to feel happy and whole again and unlike Humpty Dumpty, you can be put back together!

4. The thrill of the chase: I love a bit of hard to get and some fun text banter. Unobtainable is hot, so let the games begin! 

5. You can do what you waaaaant! If you want to move to Rio and rumba, then you move to Rio and rumba. Knit, fish, bite your nails, pick your nose, embrace your bad habits! A friend says the best part about being single is, “being able to pick at ingrowns on my bikini line whenever I want!" That's ma girl! 

6. Just cause you're single doesn't mean you're not getting laid. Enough said.

7. Your own social identity: No "we", just "me". YOUR very own buddies, all for yourself! Nom nom nom, gobble them up they're all yours. You don't have to share and you don't have to divvy them up like you do in a break up. It sucks having to lose friends because they "belong" to your ex. 

8. Less to juggle: I struggle balancing seeing my nearest and dearest with full time work. Try as you might, you can never make everyone happy. Add in a full time boyfriend and it gets that much harder. I understand both sides, I know how exciting it is to be in that new love bubble just as long as you come out of said bubble and remember your buddies, and I know how much it hurts when friends neglect their friendships for their new squeeze. 

9. Miss Independent: It sickens me to think how co-dependant I used to be. A boyfriend shouldn't be used as a vessel for car rides, tax returns and other math related queries. There is no thrill quite like doing your own tax return. Oh yeah baby, just speaking tax talk turns me on. I do my own tax return and it feels good!

10. Get to know yourself again: Becoming "we" your identity gets tangled in another person. It can be intoxicatingly great in the beginning but can get fucked up being one entity. A girlfriend says, "as cheesy as it sounds, I still have so much to learn about myself. I don't think I could necessarily do that being tied up to another person."  I remember just before my first ever big break up my boyfriend remarked how much I had changed. "What happened to that crazy girl? You hardly ever laugh anymore." Or something along those lines. In retrospect, I wholeheartedly agree. That crazy girl fell in love too young and forgot the simple ethics of your twenties - don't worry about what other people think, have fun and go get 'em! I am nowhere near achieving what I want but in the past two years of being single and just being ME, I feel a whole lot closer.  And don't worry, that crazy girl is back, more nutso than ever. 

So this Valentine's Day, instead of feeling like a piece of poo for being single, remember all the freedom it brings. If you're lonely, I'll give you a hug. I say, go forth and conquer single ones! Reach for the stars, kiss some babes on the way and HAVE FUN!

Crunk Bombing James

Ohh golly, it's not easy being related to me. When I came home last night I wanted to hang out with James, poor child. I also thought I was Russian. Introducing Crunk Bella. It ain't pretty.


In the past few weeks, I've bought countless maxi skirts. Animal print, black, patterned, floral - you name it I have it, probably in three different shades. When I find something that suits me, I tend to stock up but this is just ridiculous. I have come to the conclusion I've got Maxi-itis and I know exactly who I caught it off, Miss Nicki Chin (aka Chinny). 

Chinny is the Queen of the maxi. I love style stalking my friends for inspiration and ideas and seeing as though I hang out with them, five days a week, I guess it makes sense our style overlaps. The other day I was shopping and I saw the cutest cropped leather tee and I knew it would look smoking on Chinny. I ran back to the office, phoned her, marched to the shop, she tried it on and they looked great together. Donezo! It was a winner. 

So even though I style stalk, I pay it forward too. Now I just have to sort out this Maxi-itis. I hope they let you into Thailand with it. 

Want. more. am. addicted.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fact or Fiction?

Here's a fun game I played with the girls. Fact or fiction, today I.... 

  • A: Bought a $700 oh-so-cute Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony leopard print dress.
  • B: Bought a more reasonably priced Arnsdorf dress. 
  • C: Made a second trip THIS WEEK to my new seamstress, Mimi. I've visited her so much lately she must think I am a shopaholic. 

Read on for answers!

Damn you amazing frock, why are you seven hundred bad boys?

  • A: Fiction. I WISH! It was love at first sight, once I looked at the price tag my heart broke. But it's my birthday soon, just sayin'. If anyone has a spare seven hunge I don't think it's much to ask. Or you could give it to Nicki, who is running a worthy charity. She said to me, "if you had a spare $700 lying around I would have told you to donate it to a worthy charity like… say… the Nicolette Conchita Chin Foundation."
  • B: Fact. I fell in love a lot today. The second time was with a much more reasonably priced pastel purple, silk dress. He is divine and was more than 50% off his original price! Thank you Incu sale! I'll be rocking him for my 23rd burf. 
  • C: Fact. A good seamstress is a short girl's best friend. I started going to Mimi a few weeks ago (thank you Hughsey for the recommendation) and we are now BFFs. She laughed when I walked in again today. I swear I'm not a shopping whore Mimi, I just needed to sort out what I'm wearing for my birthday before I go away. 

My Life is Complete

Hit up iTunes and listen to Tom and Alex's podcast from today, the 9th of Feb. It's totally free LOLZ! Don't be deterred, for some reason it says Wednesday the 8th but it's the one with the tag "Ollie's night note". At 20ish minutes in Alex mentions a certain someone.... Cough, ME, cough.... Sorry, bit of pepper in my schnoz. 

If ninjas ransacked my house and I were to die tonight, I'd die a very happy lady. 

Pod lovin' can be found here

The Shaksters!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Triple J's Sam Simmons is campaigning his little butt off to bring back the much loved TV show, THE SHAK. Viewers were left broken hearted when the show was axed in 2009. Online forums raged with fury at the devastating announcement, "it was a horrible horrible kids show" one reader wrote. "It's not the same without the original cast and they live in a house now which isn't really a shack." "When they lost Picasso and the blonde chick and changed the show format, it certainly deteriorated," said others. When there's injustice in this world, you know Sam's got your back!

I was lucky enough to bump into ex-host, Nitro, of THE SHAK fame, at the Sydney Laneway festival (see below pic). He seemed pretty pumped to BRING BACK THE SHAK

So FYI Sam, we have one cast member on board. Now we need to lock in Curio, Picasso, Eco and what's her name. Sam needs as much help as possible guys, so let's bring back THE SHAK together! Tune into Triple J this Wednesday morning to find out more!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Yellow Brick Laneway

I learnt something yesterday. You should ALWAYS pack a jumper. Just like you should always wear cute knickers in case you get hit by a bus and end up in hospital. A girl should never leave the house for a festival without an emergency cardy tucked in her bag. Yep, even in heat waves. Mother Nature has been an unpredictable mo-fo lately. What started as a nude inducing Sunday morning, ended up as a very fripply afternoon. 

There was only one solution. DANCING. Not just your awkward, I-don't-know-what-to-do-so-I'll-step-side-to-side-and-click pathetic excuse for jigging shit. Nuh uh. We danced like there was no tomorrow. You name it, we did it. Nothing was off limits. Split leaps, thriller hands, head rolls, shimmies. It was shameless, hysterical, laugh-until-you-cry-dancing. Sincere apologies to our lovely male friends who had to put up with our fabulous nonsense. And so the tone of Laneway 2011 was set. 

Without a doubt, Two Door Cinema Club were the musical sweethearts of the day. Their divine Irish accents, their intoxicatingly catchy music, their school boy charm. Don't even get me started on that dishy red headed lead singer, he is too freaking cute. We lost our shit. The concrete floor felt like a trampoline, we jumped up and down and screamed our heads off. They're the kind of band that make you smile from ear to ear. I wish I had tickets to their side show, they left me wanting more! 

I didn't know much of Beach House's music (or, as we now call them BEAAAACH HAAAAAAAWWWWWSE, see video below), but was mighty impressed. Will definitely be getting onto some more B.C action. We only caught the end of Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti. I get the impression those guys go above and beyond to be 'quirky and weird' but was fun to dance to Round and Round. Foals were tres ridic. Some bands play their instruments and plod along. Foals make LOVE to theirs and own the crowd. I'm a big fan, their album Total Life Forever was my soundtrack to Europe but I was devastated they didn't play This Orient. Nothing's worse when a band doesn't play your favourite song. I fell in love with Cut Copy all over again, they were the perfect end to the night. They played nostalgic hits from back in the day and fun new stuff off Zonoscope. 

Being a Laneway virgin, I was extremely impressed. Laneway was polite and unobtrusive, relaxed and happy. There was no seediness that can come with such events. It didn't really feel like a festival, more a place to potter about and watch amazing gigs. The intimate setting of Rozelle's historic courtyards of the SCA lended a much more personal feel. Those stunning sandstone buildings and crazy trees you usually see in Byron Bay had me weak at the knees. It's one of those hole in the wall, hidden Sydney gems. So thanks Laneway for making me a very happy girl. Even though I was freezing my bow off (yes, I wore a bow in my hair! What of it?) and unsuccessfully trying to buy jumpers off pretty strangers, it was a tops day. 

How was your Laneway? Any stand out acts? Any babes? Here are mine....


Two Door Cinema Club: biggest cuties out
Remember Nitro from The Shack? Sam Simmons is running a campaign on Triple J to bring the show back. We bumped into him literally 10 times. We became best frenemies. Gotta love a Z-list celeb.
GOD BLESS YOU NICK. Who says a boy can't rock a bonnet?
Nick + Inga's sun hat = match made in heaven. 
Sarah Pro working our water spray bottle before Summer turned into Winter
Man with a pipe = TOTES BABE
Mah pwetty laaaaadies
Byron Bay trees in Sydders!


Saturday, February 5, 2011

You're a Dry Cruskit

Taste is a funny thing. It can mature and change, develop and deplete. It took me years to like olives, red wine used to make me gag, now I love it. In primary school I listened to Kyle and Jackie O, I thought they were the bees knees. Now, I'd rather poke forks in my eyes than listen to commercial radio. In 2007 I thought Muscles was rad, listening to his album now makes me cringe (however, Ice Cream will always be an awesome song).

The same applies with one's taste in ladies / dudes. Last night, over celebratory cocktails, Faen and I were reminiscing about the boys we liked in high school. "Eww", "disgusting" and "what the fuck was I thinking" were just a few of the phrases that punctuated our conversation. There was one boy in particular who I had mega crush on. Looking back, I have no freaking idea why? He was a grade A douche bag but through the eyes of 16 year old me, I thought he was the bad boy I could change. PFFFT. Faen and I laughed at the thought of him. For the sake of this post, let's call him Dry Cruskit (I'll get to that in a minute).

We wandered off down the street to another place in Sluzza Hills. As we're walking in, who is the first person we see? DRY CRUSKIT. Keep in mind, we haven't seen D.C since our high school days and were literally talking about him minutes before. D.C didn't see us but we took it as a sign - after a few more drinks were consumed, we would go up and speak to him and find out if he was still a jerk. 

Our brief convo was a waste of time, it would have been more interesting to chat to the wall. That's 2 minutes of my life I'll never get back. There's only two words to describe him. Yep you guessed it - dry cruskit. I use this phrase on those who are so bland, if they were a food, they would be the most blah of all - a cruskit. Not with one scrapping of butter or vegie. They wouldn't even be Arnott's, they'd be Home Brand.

But thank God for retrospect and the fact your taste changes. These days, I'm a sucker for boys with brains, wit, good spelling and manageable amounts of craziness. Oh and did I mention I also have a thing for skinny leg jeans? So dishy!

Faen and I walked away and giggled our heads off. Poor D.C, if only you could buy personality over the counter with your cruskits. 

How fab are my paint skills!

That's a Rad Ad!

I don't even drink cider but every time I see this ad it makes me want to. Yep, I'm being totally fooled by the powers of advertising. Just goes to show a quirky concept (snow in summer - so clever!) + a killer song (Young Blood, Naked and Famous) = successful combo!

Cover Love: Aussie March Vogue

Umm, WOW! J'adore! Enough said. What do you think? Spew or do?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Proposing to Strangers, Thailand and Dropping Eff Bombs on Camera


When the phone rang and I found out I'd won, I lost my shit. Coincidentally, the Park St cameras were in our office filming our Art Director, Mich. They captured me in all my eloquent glory - gracefully swearing my head off, yelling at the top of my lungs, "I WANT TO MARRY YOU", to the Channel V producers on the other end of the phone. I'm praying it won't make the final cut due to all the profanities. 

A huge thanks to Shollis for your endless help, everyone at work for getting behind me, Inga for your fab designs, Ella Brodie-Reed for your amazing photography, my awesome friends and family for recruiting people to vote and my hilarious little brother, James, for starring in all my embarrassing vlogs.... Eeek, I am rambling. Soz, thought I was making an Oscars' acceptance speech for a second there. I can finally leave you all alone!

I am super excited that I'll be going with Billy. I think we'll make a great little team! I'm off next Sunday, I'll be blogging on the Channel V site everyday so stay tuned peeps! I'm still on Cloud 9 and probably not making much sense so enjoy this LOL Cat montage as a visual aid to express my utter joy! xxx

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