Monday, January 3, 2011

Trends Twenty Eleven, Spew or Do?

Ahh, with a new year comes hang overs, mysterious party injuries from the night before (un-named brother I'm looking at you), resolutions that will never be fulfilled and HOT NEW FASHION TRENDS!!! Well not really new, i.e. they did exist last year, it's not like they were suddenly invented on the 1/01/11 but they are still fresh, current trends so let's kick off our first 'Trends Twenty Eleven, Spew or Do?' of the year. 

  • Skorts: Remember culottes circa 1997? They looked like a skirt, but in truth were shorts. Well, they're back! But they're called skorts. The skirt and short had a sleazy one-night stand, and this is their trendy love child. Which is most convenient as this summer I plan on climbing lots of trees, while still maintaining an edgy look. Now you can frolic to your heart's content, without flashing people your knickers. Awes-balls!

  • High waisted swimmers: WARNING, approach trend with caution. Can definitely look hot as long as you find a pair that's the right fit. Nothing's worse than the high-waisted muffin top overhang. Best to stick to a flattering colour, like black.

  • Digital prints: It only seems right our tech-saturated lives should influence our fashion. Not all of us can afford Josh Goot, but this trend has filtered down to chain stores so now us plebs can play fashionista too!

  • Rainbow brights: Unless you've been living under a hole, it's hard to escape the fact that colour blocking is the trend du jour. Whether it's to the extreme with a fuscia pink maxi skirt and an aqua blue camisole or a more subtle approach with your make-up, it's a fun way to make a statement. 

What do you think of these trends? Spew or do? 

Foxy Frida


  1. Love how you mentioned high-waisty swimmers. I don't think they will make a comeback in a big way this summer but watch out Dec 2011.

  2. Love skorts, no way to high waisted swimmer bottoms.


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