Sunday, January 30, 2011

That's a Rad Ad!

Welcome to my new post "that's a rad ad!" The title is self explanatory - purrrrty ads that make me drool.

Hi Diane, you don't know me but I think we'd make great friends. I like your skirt, I like your socks, I LIKE YOU. Suddenly I feel the urge to dash to American Apparel and buy everything you're wearing. In fact after seeing this ad, my work crew and I have planned a group excursion to A.A this week.  

I saw this ad in Rolling Stone and almost died. HOW EFFIN' COOL! Now, technically speaking it's not an ad, it's the cover for Cut Copy's new album, Zonoscope, but gosh balls it's fab!

Sigh. Why can't I float around Paris in a pretty pink frock? An oldie but a goldie. If that's what Miss Dior Cherie smells like, I'll take seventy. Sold! To the hopeless romantic in the front row!

1 comment:

  1. Have you called to see if they have those socks in stock?


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