Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Channel *VFFs!

Being a self confessed music nerd I was super excited to score an invite through work to the Rolling Stone Awards last night. In a world record effort against the clock, I bolted home, got ready in FIVE MINUTES and headed back over the bridge to the B2 studios in Alexandria, in search of Lupe Fiasco.

Sadly I didn't meet Lupe, but it just so happened the awesome Channel V kids were there. Never one to shy away from a shameless plug for my campaign I recruited Kyle and Billy for a few sneaky happy snaps.

Seeing as though Billy and I are now practically BFFs, it kinda makes sense to send me to Thailand with him don't ya think?

* A VFF is just like a BFF, but cooler. Hello, they work at Channel V!

Billy says vote for Bella!

Billy praises my campaign efforts.

Chinny et moi.


  1. This is amazing! We're all rooting for you Bella!

  2. Kylie is so cute.


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