Saturday, January 22, 2011

I Really Like You...

Man, I've had so many girl crushes... I've admitted in the past that I check out girls all the time, but purely in a "woah! You're so awesome I want to be your best friend forevs" way. So what is a girl crush? A girl crush is when you admire / look up to someone. You don't want to bed them, rather, you want to friend them. To put it simply, you think they're rad. 

i.e. Karen O is The Shit. She can sing, she can dance and she's a total babe. I want to be her. 

Symptoms include jitters, overwhelming sense of adoration and a desire to intellectually connect with them. 

Sometimes, your girl crushes are mega celebs so the likelihood of actually becoming their friend is nil. But sometimes, your girl crushes can be more obtainable. You may work with them or they may be friends of friends. 

My top three girls crushes of all time are - 
  1. Mia Freedman: Even though you have no idea I exist, Mia you're my idol. 
  2. Marieke Hardy: It's no secret I have a big crush on Marieke. She's the most inspirational writer.  
  3. Alexa Chung: BABE. Enough said. 

Have you ever had a girl crush? Do you ask them out on play dates or are you too scared to make a plan of attack? 

Lady lovin'

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