Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Healthy* Start to the New Year

After swearing I would abstain from Field Day in the name of Bali savings, I caved. How can I refuse you Field Day? You're the best looking festival out there, with your perfect city back drop, your Moreton Bay Figs and the flocks of Beautiful People you attract. I was so there. 

Bella's Guide to a Stellar FD: 
  • Start the day with as much grease as possible. A Brennan fry up is best recommended. Fun fact: I can cook a pretty mean arse bacon and eggs (fetta and basil scrambled eggs are my specialty).
  • Don't wear fake tan in 35+ degree heat, unless you want to melt it off. Minimal make up is also a must. Alternatively, you can wear mc-massive sunnies to hide your flushed mug.
  • Do not put people twice the size of you on your shoulders. Ahem. Justin, I'm looking at you. 
  • The loo line is always the best place to make your new BFFs for the day. I do believe I befriended some awesome girls and even referred to their style as "quirky/cute". Yes, I have no shame and yes, I did get a photo with them. Ahh, only at a festival is behaviour like this acceptable. 
  • Dance your pants off to The Rapture, Duck Sauce and Sleigh Bells. Be greatly disappointed by the shitness that was Justice. Their set made me wish I packed ear muffs. Now I'm no music expert, but when you're holding your ears and saying "this sucks balls" that's gotta count for something right?
  • Measure the greatness of your day by the dirtiness of your clothes. My arse was covered in grass = super fun happy times to the max. It took three washes to get those stains out. Thank god for Napisan Plus. 
  • Don't let Sarah Pro give away half her wardrobe to you. No Sarah, we won't take your vintage dresses!

Honourable Mentions:

  • Honourable mention to Sarah-Pro-Partier for coming straight from from Falls Festival in Melbourne to Field Day in Sydney. After three days of Falls' mayhem, Sarah jumped on a plane and kicked on! Mighty impressive effort and she was in top form too. Bravo lassie, bravo! 
  • An honourable mention must also be given to Justin, who thought it would be a great idea to put Brad Joseph on his shoulders and dance around like a lunatic. He was invincible at the time, but boy the next day did he hurt. Justin, pretty much paralysed with a fucked back, soldiered on and went camping. He also had to endure a certain someone's reckless driving through the streets of Willoughby. What a trooper. 

Entertainment to get you through the next day:
  • Sarah, Ingrid and I enjoyed a serving of I Know What You Did Last Summer, Dating in the Dark and Entourage to help us through our hang over. I forgot how booby (and bad) that film is. Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jennifer Love Hewitt fleet about in the tightest tops. 
  • YouTube also provided us with some quality LOLZ. Our fave clips were The Greatest Man on the Internet, Where's the Chapstick, Where's the Chapstick Remix, Nobody's Perfect and Sittin on the Toilet. God there are some freaks on the interweb. This will also make you think twice about going to festivals. There's a bit of Jaydos in all of us, as much as we'd hate to admit it. 

* And by healthy, I mean a healthy dose of fun! No nutritional benefits are associated with attending Field Day. 

My "quirky/cute" BFFs

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