Sunday, January 30, 2011

Damn You Alcomahol!

The other night, I was out to dinner with a friend. As we left, a gorgeous guy blatantly checked her out. We giggled and kept walking. She didn’t go and speak to him, even though she wanted to. “If only we had the social lubricant of alcohol in our system,” I said.

So begs the question, why do we need to be drunk to make the first move? Why are we so scared to just walk up to that guy we were making eyes with in the street / pub / cafĂ© / train and say, “hey, I think you’re pretty cute want to go out sometime?” It may have something to do with this.

I’ll admit it, I am an eye sex whore. I’ve had eye sex with so many boys, I’ve lost count. What I haven’t lost count of is the number of times I’ve taken things to the next level (no, not undressing, that only happens with real sex. I mean walking up and just saying hi). I would never approach a boy unless I’ve got a few drinks under my belt. Sure I’m invincible after 7 cocktails but I’m probably slurring my words and confusing you for that pot plant over there. Why is your hair green and why do you taste like garden?

Drunk Bella is not nearly as charming as Sober Bella. I’d much rather people get to know Sober Bella. But Sober Bella is a scaredy cat. Sober Bella will simply look at you with puppy dog eyes and wish she could approach you. Drunk Bella will approach you, guns blazing and probably make you sing a Spice Girls' song while she's at it. Damn that Drunk Bella can be really embarrassing.

So the next time a cute boy smiles at me in the sober light of day I will put myself out there. Say it with me – I will put myself out there!

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  1. Ah the classic fear of rejection tale, aka actively seeking rejection before rejection is brought tale.

    Many people suffer from this, in fact everyone does. Some people handle it differently.

    Rejection is not personal, most of the time the other person is rejecting you in fear that you'll eventually reject them. All other times it's because the other person is just plain rude and stuck up.

    I think you should listen to the song The Middle by Jimmy Eat World, it says the message better than I can explain.

    Here's the song, with lyrics;


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