Saturday, January 22, 2011

Can You Find Love on the Dance Floor?

Let's face it, Kings Cross isn't the most charming back drop to begin a love story. But in all reality you're more likely to meet Prince Charming on the D-floor than being hit by a car and rescued by a dashing doctor, a la Charlotte in Sex and the City. 

Romantic? Non. Realistic? Oui.

But fear not, dear readers, some of the cutest celeb couples have met in trashy places. We all know where Mary found her Prince. The Cockle Bay club, Slip Inn, will be thanking their lucky stars for a life time of free word of mouth advertising and business will always be booming with girls hoping for their own fairy tale. But lighting doesn't strike twice. Matt Damon met his wife, Luciana Bozán Barroso, when she served him in a Miami bar. Kendra Basket met Hugh Hefner when she was working at his 78th birthday party. She was naked, wearing only body paint. Ok, they're no longer together, and they weren't a cute couple but next time you're prancing about nakey, in body paint just remember you too could meet your geriatric lover. 

There's really two ways to meet people, (two REAL LIFE ways... All the digital ways? That's another post in itself!) randoms or friends of friends. The benefits of friends of friends is at least they're pre-screened, you know they're not weirdos (hopefully). But approach with caution, things can get messy and awkward when you date friends of friends, the old adage of 'don't shit where you eat' rings loudly. Randoms should be approached with equal amounts of caution. Sure they could be hilarious and witty at 4am in the kebab shop, but isn't anyone? If you go on a date with said random, make sure you tell someone where you're going in case they have a penchant for chopping up people into tiny pieces.

So, can you find love on the dance floor? I've heard some pretty amazing stories, relationships beginning in the most unromantic settings - dancing on tables at Cheeky Monkeys, a NYE party pash on Blues Point road and a recent engagement between a couple who met on a Contiki tour. So yes, you can find love anywhere. Even with kebab shop boy. 

Pashing randoms in clubs can work out!

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  1. I laughed when I read "don't shit where you eat"

    But I cried a little on the inside as well.


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